Resident: Sky Deep

resident Sky Deep pic by Claudia Champion

Sky Deep is a Berlin-based musician, producer, DJ, and activist with over two decades of experience in the electronic music scene. Her innovative sound and fearless approach to production have made her a prominent figure in the industry. Sky’s eclectic sets defy categorization, blending bass, house, techno, and soulful beats. She honed her skills as a musician, DJ, and producer in Los Angeles before moving to Berlin in 2014, drawn to its vibrant music scene. Sky is a prolific producer with critically acclaimed releases that reflect her diverse influences of house, techno, soul, and jazz. As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity, Sky founded the “Reclaim the Beats” initiative, creating safe spaces for marginalized communities. With boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to social justice, Sky Deep is a true mainstay of the electronic music scene.

Golosa: You present in this mix your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?
Sky Deep: Release!  Hips! Groove! Expression! Mischief! Flight! Love! 
My mission is to challenge all bodies on the dancefloor to move in ways they never imagined that they could before. 

Are you Golosa?
I am Golosa in so many ways. I always want my cake and want to eat it too.  I’m into double meanings of words and there’s SO much to play with here.

What is your last freaky experience?
I have too many delicious stories to tell but not in writing.  I like to express through my art, music, and dance and especially at the party with friends. What happens at Golosa stays at Golosa 😉