GOLOSA CSD Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️with DISCOQUETTE 🔥⚡🪩
@ OXI / 2 Floors Indoor + Chill out Garden
Sat. 27. July 22:00 > noon // 14Hrs and more *
*Come to Golosa and stay at Kilowatt OXI Open Air till Sunday 22:00

CSD is more than a celebration, it’s a day to remember that the fight for our rights is never over. 
After the march, let’s get together and dance! 

“We dance for liberation, We dance for freedom, We dance together, We fight together.”✊ 

For this special event, Golosa invites the french Queer glittering collective Discoquette (A-440, Ba-Vic, Ixpé, Nannä Volta, OK Pal!, Gloria GayPierre), the French DJ and producer Mala Ika ❤️‍🔥and also our residents 2FARO, ELECTROSEXUAL, JuNe, KH38, Linda from Work, Mashyno, Maze DK, Sky Deep.

# Non-Stop Pride weekend happens at OXI, starting on Friday with Maricas, then Golosa, and finally Kilowatt Open Air on Sunday afternoon.

*If you come to Golosa, you can keep partying at Kilowatt for FREE on Sunday afternoon. 
If you leave Golosa, just make sure to keep your Golosa stamp and ticket as proof (in the limit of the garden’s capacity and the security selection).
Oh, if you went to Maricas (stamp proof), you can get into Golosa for a small donation of 5-10€ 😉



2FARO (Golosa)
A-440 (Discoquette)
Ba-Vic (Discoquette)
Gloria GayPierre (Discoquette)
Ixpé (Discoquette)
JuNe (Golosa)
KH38 (Golosa)
Linda from Work (Golosa)
Mala Ika (Beweird)
Mashyno (Golosa)
Maze DK (Golosa)
Nannä Volta (Discoquette) 
OK Pal! (Discoquette)
Sky Deep (Golosa)

Advance tickets: 22€ / 20€ / 18€   Early Bird 15€ 

Entrance fee at the door: 22€

Advance tickets follow a separate queue

😈 Darkroom for ALL Golosians, no gender discrimination 🐙

Respect our manifesto: www.golosaberlin.com
Our awareness team will be here for any help. 

Golosa has the right to refuse anyone’s entry including ticket holders.

We want to welcome you the best that we can,

take care of you and give our all LGBTQ+ community a safe and welcoming place, 

and we need your collaboration for this, together we can do it!

We opened a TELEGRAM group if you have questions and to stay tuned.

GOLOSA, For people that love to have freaky experiences 😋

Become Golosa: www.golosaberlin.com

Illustration: Mashyno / Instagram: @mashyno


Saturday 22nd of June at 23:00

GOLOSA 🪭🦩💅eXtraVaGanZa
Saturday 18th of May at 23:00

GOLOSA 💫🍪🌿🧸Twinkies Mary & Jane’s celebration
Saturday 20th of April at 23:00
@ ://about blank


GOLOSA 🎊5 years B2B special
Saturday 17th of February at 23:00
till Sunday 18th of February  at 12:00
@ ://about blank

GOLOSA 💦 Physical
Saturday 16th of December at 23:59
Till Sunday 17th of December at 12:00
@ ://about blank

GOLOSA ⚔️ Crossover: Golosa x Club Bizarre x Others To The Front
From Saturday 21st of October at 23:00
Until Sunday 22nd of October at 13:00
@ ://about blank

GOLOSA 🎇 Lights
From Saturday 19th of August 22:00
Until Sunday 20th of August 22:00
@ ://about blank

GOLOSA 🫧🌈Bubbles: CSD Rave
From Saturday 22nd of July 22:00
Until Sunday 23rd of July 22:00

GOLOSA 🕳️🐇… in Golosaland
Saturday  17. June from 19:00
till Sunday 18. June 22:00
@ :// about blank Berlin

GOLOSA 🧚🏽‍♂️ spring fairytale at ://about blank
Saturday 15th of April 23:59
till Sunday 16th of April 22:00

GOLOSA 4 year Deliciosa
Saturday 18.03.23
@Suicide Club

Winter edition
Saturday 28.01.23 – 22:00  >> to Sunday 29.01.23 – 12:00
14hrs at ://about blank

Saturday 10. Dec. 22
23:00 > END @ Suicide Club

Saturday 12. NOV. 22
23:00 > END @ Suicide Club

Autumn edition
Saturday 22.10.22 – 23:59  >> to Sunday 23.10.22 – 22:00
22hrs at ://about blank

GOLOSA – Cápsula del tiempo – Tag der Clubkultur event

Saturday 08th of October at Suicide Club
from 18:00 till Sunday 10:00

Shaped by the past, produced in the present, preserved for the future.

As part of „Tag der Clubkultur”, we welcome you to a Golosa Time Capsule night. 

A night to talk, create, perform and enjoy the club culture. Golosa invites some newcomer and rising queer collectives talents who shape the Queer Berlin and International space to capture their actual essence and preserved it for the future.  

Saturday 08th of October at Suicide Club, from 18:00, we start with a public discourse panel, a cross-generational roundtable discussion with guests who have helped shape the club’s culture and currently do. 

Panel Talk: Safe Spaces – Free Spaces or Delimitation?

Followed by Laquefa007 and their Voguing workshop,

On the Time capsule floor, our community has the chance to create interactive videos and paint messages,

Last but not least, we want to enjoy the safer space that we built together and dance with House of (S)PUNK, SWEAT, and Golosa collectives on two dance floors, all night long.



🌳Growing Roots Main floor 🌳

18.00 Doors Open

19:00 – 21:00 Panel Talk: Safe Spaces – Free Spaces or Delimitation?

21:00 – 23:00 Voguing Workshop by Laquéfa007 


From 23:00 House of (S)PUNK showcase

La Fraicheur (House of (S)PUNK)

AC2 (House of (S)PUNK)

Drazzit (House of (S)PUNK)

Suresh (House of (S)PUNK)


🔀Shaping Spaces floor 🔀

From 23:00 SWEAT & Golosa residents

Dgeral (SWEAT)

Sparkly Pony  (SWEAT)

2FARO B2B KH38 (Golosa)

Amperia (Golosa) 

Mashyno (Golosa) 


Time Capsule floor ⌛

19:00 – open end 

Exhibition, Interactive Painting area, Video booth


Advance tickets: 15€ online

Entrance fee at the door: 

Free entrance until 23:00

From 23:00: 15€

Entry for Refugees, Trans, and BIPOC on donation-based.

The exit is final.

GOLOSA / Saturday 10.09.22
23:00 > 11:00 @ Suicide Club

GOLOSA x DUMP x DURCH / Saturday 13.08.22 /  23:00 > 11:00 @ Suicide Club


Saturday 30.07.22 – 18:00 >> to Sunday 31.07.22 – 22:00

28hrs at ://about blank

Saturday 23.07.22 /  20:00 > END @ Suicide Club 

🌈 CSD Pride Queer Rave by BRENN. • GOLOSA • SWEAT 🌈

09.07.22 / 23:00 > END / SUICIDE CLUB

11.06.22 / 23:00 > END / SUICIDE CLUB

14.05.22 / 23:00 > 11:00 / SUICIDE CLUB

09.04.22 / 23:00 > 11:00 / SUICIDE CLUB

pics Rafael Medina

13.11.21 / 23:00 > 09:00 / SUICIDE CLUB

09.10.21 / 23:00 > 09:00 / SUICIDE CLUB

03.10.21 / 14:00 > 22:00 / SALON AM MORITZPLATZ

This is not a party, but an ART Event.

Ein Club ist Gemeinschaft ist Vielfalt ist Nähe ist ein Experiment. Ein Club ist Veränderung ist Freiheit ist Widerstand und Kultur. Ein Club ist immer neu und für alle da. Ein Club ist ein Club.
This event is part of TAG DER CLUBKULTUR.
“The way we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell may never be the same again.” But we are going to revive our all senses in a new approach.
>> The immersive art event takes place at SALON AM MORITZPLATZ <<
Each multi-discipline artist is invited to present/curate/interact with the audience to REACTIVE THEIR SENSES:
👁️ 👂 visual and audio/video exhibition
🤏 👃 live performance
👅🍷 talk and exchange on the topics: bridging the pandemic and the future of club culture

14.00 Genderlich x Golosa – Virtual DJ set 

  • “Genderlich Andre Fau DJset” (basement tresor)
  • “Golosa Mashyno DJset” (erdgeschoss)
  • “Golosa 2FARO DJset” (basement tresor)
  • “Genderlich Tini Weng DJset” (erdgeschoss)

16:05 2FARO – Performance (erdgeschoss)

16:25 MashynoPerformance  “Touch me” (basement tresor)

16.45 Talk – Golosa and Genderlich about anxiety, bridging the pandemic, future of club culture, Herr.Ektor bridging the pandemic in the Queer community (erdgeschoss)

17:25 Tsuki Berghain – Dance performance “Ocean within” (erdgeschoss)

17:35 Andre Fau – Short movie “Awaking to free your mind” (2021) (erdgeschoss)

17.40 Herr.Ektor – Short movie “Queer child”(2013) (erdgeschoss)

17.50 Q&A Herr.Ektor (erdgeschoss)

18:00 Nicky miller – Lecture “ Wings Of Nakedness” (erdgeschoss)

18:20 Nicky miller – Short movies “Fisherman” ( 2021) 

and “Lemon Taste” (2018) (erdgeschoss)

18:45 Q&A Nicky Miller (erdgeschoss)

19:00 Yha Yha – ASMR food performance (erdgeschoss)

19:10 Yha Yha – Experimental Dj set (erdgeschoss)

19:55 Talk – Yha Yha and Tini Weng about future of club culture (erdgeschoss)

20:10  Lalo Gomes – Food performance “El Sabor de La Rosa” (erdgeschoss)

20:45 ReveRso – Short movie “The beauty of ReveRso” (erdgeschoss)

20:55 ReveRso – Performance (erdgeschoss)

21:20 Nansea – Live music (synth pop) (erdgeschoss)


+ At the Basement Tresor

From 17:00 to 22:00

In loop successively Videos

  • MiroImages “Flee!”
  • WOCPOC “Get Fat with Yha Yha – video ASMR” 
  • Genderlich “dance warming up (dancing-memories)”
  • ReveRso “adultvideo”

and the support of Farodiso (flower shop), Vinotopia (natural wine shop), PYKE (Freshly Brewed Hard Seltzer).
Thanks Tag der ClubKultur, Club Commission, Berlin Senat, Music board Berlin.

Admission: 5€ – Tickets at the door
Access only with proof of vaccination or recovery (2G)
No mask mandatory

14.08.21 / 20:00 / SUICIDE CLUB GARDEN


Watch the REPLAY here or on HÖR YouTube

Watch the REPLAY here or on our YouTube Golosa Channel

Golosa 08.Feb20

pics Matias Sauter

pics Spyros Rennt

pic Spyros Rennt

pic Spyros Rennt