Resident: JuNe (dʒuː ne̞)

JuNe (dʒuː ne̞) is a Berlin based DJ, originally from Seoul in South Korea.

After finishing her music & philosophy studies, she came into contact with the electronic club scene in Berlin, falling in love with electronic music & culture. After immersing herself in the Berlin club scene over the years and also performing at small parties JuNe played from autumn 2019 in Berlin Clubs.

With her motto “Peace & Love”, JuNe (Sonorityrainbow) ultimately strives for good vibrations on the dance floor with her DJ sets.

Golosa: You present in this mix below your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?

JuNe (dʒuː ne̞): The sound of this mix for Golosa can be described as an incredibly groovy and energetically immersive experience that radiates positive vibes. It acts as a powerful daily catalyst, elevating our thoughts and uplifting our spirits. The mix showcases an explosive fusion of pulsating beats and vibrant melodies, igniting an irresistible urge to rise and dance. It takes listeners on a captivating musical voyage, reminiscent of embarking on a mesmerizing cosmic odyssey.

Are you Golosa?

Yes, I am proudly a part of Golosa. I am thrilled to be involved in this vibrant community and contribute my passion for music to create memorable experiences for ravers at Golosa parties. I am dedicated to ensuring that every Golosa event is a fantastic celebration, and I’m excited to further immerse myself in the Golosa spirit.

What is your last freaky experience?

My last freaky experience was going bungee jumping for the first time. The thrilling adventure pushed my limits and got my adrenaline pumping. The feeling of free-falling and the exhilarating rush as I rebounded back up were unforgettable. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and left me with a thrilling sense of accomplishment.

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