Resident: Electrosexual

resident Electrosexual pic by Claudia Champion

Electrosexual is the creation of Romain Frequency – the french, Berlin-based music producer and DJ – as well as a vehicle for them to explore gender, art, technology, and alternative sexualities through auditory signals. Rooted in queer politics and aesthetics, their music unfurls a dark, lascivious universe filled with Proto-acid, QueerTechno, and amyl-nitrite House with EBM resonance.

Golosa: You present in these mixes below your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?
Electrosexual: This is the sound of ecstatic dancing, a sound to shamelessly re-discover and free yourself on the dancefloor. It is also the sound of liberation. 
Are you Golosa?
I’ve been following and supporting baby Golosa through its various previous inception and YESSSSSS! I am definitely Golosa: sweet, tasty, and gourmand!   All of these!
What is your last freaky experience?
The last time I used too much smoke from the machine, the dancefloor turned opaque and transformed into a huge sweaty Darkroom. 
I’ll probably do that again!