You’re drawing, painting, photographing, writing, making music or expressing yourself in any creative way? You’re in every way a GOLOSIAN? Then we’re looking for you to be part of our TIME CAPSULE PROJECT that involves your art!

As part of our event for „Tag der Clubkultur“ in Suicide Club we will create an artistic time capsule. 

To reflect the creative scene that is not only part of our queer club culture but also always shapes what GOLOSA stands for, we want to preserve that spirit of the present for the future. All sorts of artwork will be collected and put in an archive for TEN YEARS. In 2032, the capsule will be cracked.

Who can submit it?

Everyone with a creative output that they want to share and who agrees with the manifest of GOLOSA.

What can be submitted?

Every kind of artwork, original, copy, digital or analog.
Each person can contribute only 1 artwork.

Maximum measurements
For paintings, drawings, photos, etc: A2

For sculptures etc.: 20 cm width, 20 cm depth, 30 cm height
Digital files: 1 GB

Please consider that the artwork will be kept for ten years.

How will the artwork be presented?

If you participate on our Time Capsule Floor, your fellow participants might see your artwork. Before we close the capsule, every artwork will be presented during the event and cataloged for our documentation. An exhibition / public event is scheduled for 2032, of course, you’ll be on the List ;). It will be up to those in the future (our older selves or some GOLOSA successors) how to present the collected artwork under the premise to display a glimpse of The artistic spirit of GOLOSA in 2022.

How can I submit it?

Create it before:  Previously produced artwork can be handed over to us the same day or sent in digital version until the 7th of October 2022, 12 pm.

Please register to with these details:

  • a title of your piece (can also be: untitled, 004, x, etc.)
  • your name/alias
  • a basic self-definition of what kind of artist you are (e.g. photographer, interdisciplinary, musician, etc.)
  • a short text that you want to add to your piece (max. 400 signs)


We will contact you asap and give you your guest list pass for the event.

Create it on the day: On the 8th of October 2022, we will open our Time Capsule Floor where we going to provide canvas and colors for everyone who wants to create their artwork live. 

Our aim is to treat and preserve every given art in the best way possible. Therefore we can only accept artworks if we can guarantee their preservation. Acceptance of artwork is not guaranteed. Your contribution will be seen as an artistic donation and goes into the possession of GOLOSA / Tag der Clubkultur.

Welcome to GOLOSA.

§1 GOLOSA welcomes all people
that love to have freaky experiences.

§2 This is a safe place without judgment.
You are allowed to be yourself
as long as you respect others for who they are:
Queer, Trans, Non-binary, undefined, …

§3 This place is built upon an on-going appetite
for everything new. Satisfaction is allowed, too.

§4 You are allowed to be crazy, extravagant and different.
And to have fun.

§5 Different beats and vibes can coexist.

§6 We are warm, human, real and so are you.
Your emotions are duplicated
when you share them with others.

§7 No pictures or videos are needed
because your mind is your best recorder.
Leave your smartphone in your pocket.
The dancefloor wants you
to shake all your body, not only your fingers.

§8 You can celebrate being sex positive,
but only if you want to.

§9 Be aware that your desires are
not necessarily the desires of others.

§10 GOLOSA will find itself in you.

Now become GOLOSA.