Resident: Maze DK

Maze DK (she/her) is a queer Polish DJ and producer based in Berlin. Her musical upbringing is rooted in EBM, industrial and underground punk, which heavily influences the type of techno she plays – her powerful and relentless music lifts the industrial sounds of broken machinery with an acid sprinkle on top. In her sets, she takes her listeners through dark and energetic dance rituals plunging them into a raving state of consciousness.

Maze DK has played both in and outside of Berlin in clubs as well as soli parties and underground raves for events like GEGEN at KitKat Club, Golosa at Suicide Circus, Polymotion and Supernature at ://about blank, Dynamics at Mensch Meier, or HIGH at Fitzroy Club. She has been releasing podcasts for a number of collectives such as Durch, Autonoma Industriale and Diffuse Reality. On top of her Golosa residency, she is also one of the founders of Crush Kollektiv and a crew member of the queer dark techno party HIGH, and collaborates with the sex-positive techno party Poly|motion.

Golosa: You present in these mixes below your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?

Maze DK: I want to take listeners and dancers on a journey of sound through emotional ups and downs and I like my sound dark and gritty but at the same time I like when tracks I play have a certain groove that makes people on a dancefloor move. You can find in my sets a lot of industrial, ebm but also rave and acid with dropped from time to time old time goth or dark electro classic.

Are you Golosa?


What is your last freaky experience?

Almost each time I’m behind decks, it feels freaky. I’m sharing music and giving my own emotions, myself but also I’m taking from the crowd what they can offer to me. This feeding of emotions and trance like state is one of most exciting and freaky experiences which I can recall. Especially with crowds of dancers such as those at Golosa parties!