Resident: Amperia

photo credit KVRT

Amperia aka Aurelia Dinamita: Queer, non-binary, Berlin-based raver, club worker, record collector, and DJ. Also resident and curator of Autopoiesis and poly|motion podcasts. Under Aurelia Dinamita runs the post-punk-wave queer events Dis/Tanz and Trash Me.

Amperia (she, he, they) started in 2005 in Madrid working as a promoter in the underground goth scene, she noticed the lack of women and trans behind tech creating the music and mixing it.

In 2010 he moved to Berlin and made the resolution with friends that it was time to amplify each other and create a better party space for FLINTA people. Their very first collective post-punk queer event was called “desperate living”.

In 2012 they started the queer party line Trash Me which became a success in Berlin’s post-punk nightlife. Amperia also conceptualized and developed the FLINTA party lines Dis/Tanz a sex-positive wave-postpunk soliparty and Autopoesis: whose focus was to empower women and trans* people in the night scene through loud, fat, and buzzy beats.

In 2016 she joined the SoundSysters Crew and has been an amazing force of inspiration and solidarity. She offers DJ Workshops, generously sharing expertise and empowering people to mix sound and to be loud and powerful.

Around 2018 joined another party crew, this time based on sexy down pitched techno with also a strong focus on FLINTA acts: poly|motion. They joined the Golosa crew as a resident in April 2022. 

When he’s not DJing, works as a light and sound technician in different venues and public events.

Golosa: You present in these mixes below your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?

Amperia: In other contexts sometimes I can seem too eclectic or random by accumulating such a variety of styles in one set. Unfortunately, I can’t play it straight, and that’s what makes my Golosa sets so refreshing: in Golosa I know I can take risks and visit different sounds, I let play my different personalities to develop an appealing set, it’s a distinctive sound full of melodies and changes, I also hear it from other Golosians: it’s fun, casual, both house and techno are sexy and playful. On all floors, I find myself at home. This time you will find me opening the so-called “Dark Floor”.

Are you Golosa?

I think I was already Golosa without even knowing it. 🙂 Full of energy to share and enjoy.

What is your last freaky experience?

My last freaky experience was on October 9, 2021. People went crazy with the music. The reopening of the clubs unleashed enormous energy accumulated during the successive lockdowns. Both; the DJs and the audience went for it like there was no tomorrow. It’s an untranslatable connection, it’s a state of mind.