Being Andre Fau 🙆🙆🙆

12. May 2022
Second visual podcast, a taste of Golosa x Genderlich by Andre Fau.
A warm-up to our Saturday party Golosa x BRENN. x Genderlich at Suicide Club. See you there :*

GOLOSA: Hi Andre, what do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
Andre Fau: The pandemic period taught us how we can lose our freedom and our basic human rights. We are so used to it that we take it for granted sometimes, during the pandemic we had tasted for it for the first time the threatening feeling to lose it all.
I wish people to see these moments as important parts of our mechanisms of socialization to enhance our well-being and minds.
In addition to community and social engagement, I wish the clubs would keep seeing these in the scope of quality of life, community and social engagement.
The positive life experience of unity and love not only the negative aspects of clubbing in general, using important ways to build places where people can have unique experiences besides only coming for the basic structure of what a club can offer, challenge ourselves to create places for meaningful unforgettable experiences in terms of comfort music and social engagement.
That is a challenge that may fall to all of us after the pandemic.

Next Golosa x BRENN. x Genderlich
Saturday May 14th at Suicide Club Berlin

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Welcome Amperia 👾

photo credit KVRT

05. April 2022
We are very happy to welcome Amperia as our new resident, for the ones who never had the chance to listen to them, she will open the dark floor this Saturday from midnight to 03 am 🙂

Amperia aka Aurelia Dinamita: Queer, non binary, Berlin-based raver, club worker, record collector, and DJ. Also resident and curator of Autopoiesis and poly|motion podcasts. Under Aurelia Dinamita runs the post-punk-wave queer events Dis/Tanz and Trash me.

Amperia (she, he, they) started in 2005 in Madrid working as a promoter in the underground goth scene, she noticed the lack of women and trans behind tech creating the music and mixing it.

In 2010 he moved to Berlin and made the resolution with friends that it was time to amplify each other and create a better party space for FLINTA people. Their very first collective post punk queer event was called “desperate living”.

In 2012 they started the queer party line Trash Me which became an success in Berlin’s post punk night life. Amperia also conceptualized and developed the FLINTA party lines Dis/Tanz a sex positive wave-postpunk soliparty and Autopoesis: whose focus was is to empower women and trans* people in the night scene through loud, fat, and buzzy beats.

In 2016 she joined the SoundSysters Crew and has been an amazing force of inspiration and solidarity. She offers DJ Workshops, generously sharing expertise and empowering people to mix sound and to be loud and powerful.

Around 2018 joined another party crew, this time based on sexy down pitched techno with also a strong focus on FLINTA acts: poly|motion.

When he’s not DJing, works as a light and sound technician in different venues and public events.

Golosa: You present in these mixes below your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?

Amperia: In other contexts sometimes I can seem too eclectic or random by accumulating such a variety of styles in one set. Unfortunately, I can’t play it straight, and that’s what makes my Golosa sets so refreshing: in Golosa I know I can take risks and visit different sounds, I let play my different personalities to develop an appealing set, it’s a distinctive sound full of melodies and changes, I also hear it from other Golosians: it’s fun, casual, both house and techno are sexy and playful. On all floors, I find myself at home. This time you will find me opening the so-called “Dark Floor”.

Are you Golosa?

I think I was already Golosa without even knowing it. 🙂 Full of energy to share and enjoy.

What is your last freaky experience?

My last freaky experience was on October 9, 2021. People went crazy with the music. The reopening of the clubs unleashed enormous energy accumulated during the successive lockdowns. Both; the DJs and the audience went for it like there was no tomorrow. It’s an untranslatable connection, it’s a state of mind.

Mashyno in Golosa Land

02. April 2022
One week to go before the first Golosa of 2022, to warm up your body, Mashyno brings you to Golosa Land…

This video podcast is really special to me, I was involved in each step of the process, in charge to design and produce the videos. It’s a part of a Golosa project that we made with 2FARO during the pandemic. We wanted to extend our minds and those of our Golosians. We also invited Genderlich (Tini Weng and Andre Fau) to record the videos DJ sets, we shot them during winter last year when all clubs were shut down at Medienwerkstatt Berlin im Kulturwerk des BBK Berlin. We projected the 4 videos for our Tag der ClubKultur Golosa event at Salon am Moritzplatz the 03.10.21. For technical and copyright reasons we could not release the other videos online, but I was able to re-edit this one. Thank you to everybody who was involved in the project. Hope that you enjoy it and that the music and visuals will bring you out of your reality and travel to the wonderful Golosa Land. 🔥💜 Mashyno

Next Golosa
Saturday April 9th at Suicide Club Berlin

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Ladies and the Freaks 😃🙃😛

This Saturday at Golosa, in addition to our residents (2FARO, Mashyno, KH38) and our guest Kirill Shapovalov, Lady Maru come back after 2 years behind our desk and also we welcome a Golosa’s newcomer ciaocacao. Interview of 2 Techno ladies.

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
Lady Maru: The only good thing about the pandemic was that we all had more time and maybe a reflective pause. So I started to produce more stuff- in solo and with other people- I introduced more lyrics after a really long time. I gave birth to a more post-punk electronic project called Brutal Casual Magazine with a friend, and I released many dancefloor tracks for various labels as well as almost 2 full-length albums of mixed experimental and techno stuff: for a Barcelona based label called Diffuse Reality and a forthcoming for Uk based Revok records. I got luckily supported by Musicboard berlin too.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
For future dancing, I wish for more enthusiasm- more research in music, whatever genre a DJ likes, and a nice environment, fun but safe!

credit photo: cecilia mastropasqua

What track do you love right now?

I like always a lot of tracks…hm hard to say..lastly I told an artist called Aida Arko that I loved so much a sample (and the track itself of course ) she has used that suddenly says: “I’m not trying to be who I am not. I’m just trying to underline who I am.” I thought it was so smart  ! 🙂 

Do you have Golosa in you?
I like german pink ladies apples ! 🙂 

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
ciaocacao: Since the pandemic started and it was not possible to go out anymore I started to get deeper in the music. There I could find hold. Then about a year ago I started DJing. With the clubs being closed and not being able to go out we chilled more at home with some friends and mixed together at the weekends.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
Give the smaller new collectives and DJs more space. Also that there is more mutual support and that not everything is viewed as competition.

What track do you love right now?
Futhorc by Cari Lekebusch & Orion

Do you have Golosa in you? Music!

Saturday November 13th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa Menu:
Amperia, DJ City, Zeno, KH38 and Mashyno 🍜

Who is on the menu for this Saturday’s musical trip at Golosa? A little bit more about them, interviews and music. 

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
Amperia: Yes, no I listen to more music at home and I spend even more money on it. Art in general has become more important than ever for my soulcare.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
I wish less ticketing system, less cancelling culture, cheaper prices, balanced fees, fair salaries for the workers, cancel the investors, the sponsors, the P.R.. To make sustainable a real independent industry, more collective work, more networking among clubs and event organizers, more accessibility and participation, more community, less branding. And from the EVERYONE, more accountability and awareness regarding drugs (legal ones too).

What track do you love right now?
I sometimes get really obsessed with some new tracks, I burn my brain listening to it until I get sick of it (and my flatmates too), but I am not there right now.

Do you have Golosa in you?
Always Music!

Amperia in some words Amperia aka Aurelia Dinamita: Queer, non binary, Berlin-based raver, record collector, club worker and DJ. Resident and curator of Autopoiesis and poly|motion podcasts. Under Aurelia Dinamita runs the post punk-wave events Dis/tanz and Trash me, and is still part of the Sound Systers network and other troublemakers in town.

DJ CITY in some words DJ City is a producer and DJ that you can find somewhere between romantic poetry and philosophical drum machines. With a love for late eighties aesthetics he soundtracks an imaginary night. Recently he has been working with Public Possession, Permanent Vacation and Cocktail d’Amore music and his latest release is a vinyl only single called “Clocks”. Lately he’s been busy remixing for labels like Correspondent, Live at Robert Johnson and Universal and look forward to playing them to you soon!

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
DJ CITY: Surprisingly little! I know a lot of people say they started listening to and writing more ambient and chill music but for me it has been the opposite. Maybe the longing for clubs made me interested in harder and faster music.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
I hope that this strong positive vibe I’ve felt and seen around me as clubs reopened stays! I love when we can be appreciative and supportive of each other and our scene. 

What track do you love right now?
Alister feat Tyesha – Starlight.
Every time I hear it I go a little bit crazy.

Do you have Golosa in you?
I feel absolutely goloscious! Eager to see what comes next and look forward to sharing it with you!

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
Zeno: It did, it both urged me to rediscover some of the discs hidden in my collection and really value them, but also helped me put them in relationship with other, new tracks I didn’t know before, so I could give them more depth.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
I’m looking forward to connecting with people again over music and moves, and have experiences I’ll fondly look back on for years to come.

What track do you love right now?
Acid Horse – No name no slogan

Do you have Golosa in you?
Golosa is in my veins, having found love and met loved ones on its dancefloor. I’m passionate about many things and devour my passions insatiably. Be it music, culture, food or friendships, I want to enjoy them to the max. 

Zeno in some words Zeno is a record collector and music aficionado. Coming from Antwerp, Belgium, he’s been Berlin-based for several years now. In his sets, he likes to explore New Beat and other genres, to take you on a musical journey through untapped gems and experiences.

KH38 in some words As a CO-founder of SpeedMaster Records you can feel his highly paced rhythm and passion for groovy and fast beats with influences from oldschool techno over hardhouse/trance til modern/acid Techno.
All over there is to say is that KH38 will serve you a fast, melodic and pounding techno experience with a lot of sweat guaranteed.

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
KH38: Yes absolutely ! The pandemic made me appreciate a good sound system even more!

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
Bass bass bass and of course as much percussions and hihats as possible.

What track do you love right now?
I have two tracks I can’t get enough of right now, you will hear them for sure on Saturday ✌🏼
H369 – Golden days
Fredy P – Fared

Do you have Golosa in you?
I have a lot of things inside me but one thing for sure is Golosa ✌🏼 get freaky stay freaky ✌🏼

Golosa: Did the pandemic change your relationship to music? 
Mashyno: Yes during the lockdowns I could not listen to “club music”, I was so frustrated to not play. I listened to only pop and indie music.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?
Vibration and share emotions.

What track do you love right now?
Massimiliano Pagliara – Unfettered

Do you have Golosa in you?
In and out of me 😛

Mashyno in some words Mashyno is an active member of the Berlin Queer underground music scene. With a pinch of joy and a touch of madness, his sets bring the audience to a magic rave: from house to melodic techno through nu-disco, acid, trance, and that special vibration that we call love. He is the co-founder of the delicious Golosa.

Saturday October 09th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Kirill Shapovalov and the queens

We love Kirill, a good reason to invite playing at Golosa this Saturday on the Tonic floor from midnight to 02 am. поцелуи

Golosa: Hi  Kirill, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

Kirill Shapovalov: To be honest, time flies by, so my taste changed a bit to faster and a bit harder groovy music. I think that’s good not to stay in one place and move on.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

I wanna return to the new brand club in Kiev, called Kirilovskaya 41 to play there in the Backyard area. This is a blast!!

What track do you love right now?

Grace – Not Over Yet. very emotional and sexy track

Do you have Golosa in you? 

The biggest inspiration for me is the sexual and freedom energy of people I feel in front of me during my DJ-sets.

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

Kirill Shapovalov Soundcloud
Kirill Shapovalov Instagram

M2B Grande Premiere

The first time that Manuela Mayoral plays with her new techno alias M2B, and it’s this Saturday from 02 am to 04 am at the Tonic floor of Golosa.

Golosa: Hi  M2B, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

M2B: Yes, during the pandemic I git more dependent on music, in a way that was one of the only things that kept me happy and with something to do. I’ve learned many things

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

I wanna get always better than before and produce my own tracks. Keep giving people a good experience and make them sweat… more sweat!

What track do you love right now?

I can’t choose one track but I can tell you about some labels I recently bought some references: Tooflez muzik 08 and Libertine 12

Do you have Golosa in you? 

New music to dance, new minds to explore, get better… having a lot of fun.

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

M2B Soundcloud
M2B Instagram

The pleasure is all ours, ROTCIV

Genius music producer and DJ, one day after his last release, ROTCIV plays at Golosa this Saturday on the Bubbles floor from 22 pm to 01 am :)

Golosa: Hi  ROTCIV, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

ROTCIV: Definitely, BPMs got slower and music even more eclectic, since we did not have the clubs for so long! Also, I spent more time producing in the studio.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

Freedom with responsibility, diversity with respect.. and good music <3

What track do you love right now?

There are too many to mention in different styles… 
Chromatics – Runner, Altin Gün – Cips Kola Kilit or Bliss Inc. – Pangaea are some good examples.

Do you have Golosa in you? 

I am hungry to have our dancefloors back, glad things are reopening again, and looking forward to the party Saturday!

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

Resemblance on bandcamp
Elev8tion on bandcamp

A bit of Sparkling Water dreams

Some hours before his set at Golosa this Saturday on the Bubbles floor from 01 am to 04 am, Sparkling water dreams gimme us more …

Golosa: Hi  Sparkling water dreams, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

Sparkling water dreams: With all my free time during the pandemic I mostly just dug out new tracks from the depths and tried to stay as motivated as possible.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

Fully packed dance floors.

What track do you love right now?

Jovonn – Get together (Jovonn’s BND remix)

Do you have Golosa in you? 

INDEED! I love to play records for hours ❤️

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

Sparkling Water dreams Soundcloud
Sparkling Water dreams Instagram

Golosa taste #4 Bouncy trance and hard beats 🌵

For the release of our podcast Golosa taste #4, we had a kiki with KH38 and our guest Trancemaster Krause …

Golosa: Hi Trancemaster Krause, hi KH38, you release a B2B DJ set for our Golosa podcast series ( Golosa taste #4)? Is it your first B2B? How did you meet each other?

Trancemaster Krause & KH38: Yes, it is. We actually got to meet each other in the beginning through a podcast request on SpeedMaster Records. How it is nowadays we were connected on Instagram and on someday we randomly started talking to each other and recognized we have a really similar vibe, so we meet up started playing and this was the result. We had a lot of fun and hopefully, there will come a second one.

We already know our resident KH38 but could you introduce yourself, Trancemaster Krause?

Trancemaster Krause: I’m 23 years old DJ from Halle(Saale) in East Germany. As you will hear in our podcast my heart is beating for hard, fastpaced, and bouncy trance music. When I started DJing around 2 years ago my main goal was to make people smile and feel free.

How are the techno scene and queer techno scene in your town?

Unfortunately, the techno and queer party scene are really small in my hometown Halle. Basically, there is no Techno scene in Halle.
Hopefully, there will be future projects to built and support the scene there. But who knows what’s coming in the future.

Who is your Trance master?

Trancemaster Krause: Tranceman2000 aka Falling Apart

KH38: Myself 😉

Do you plan to play together in the future?

Trancemaster Krause & KH38: We have some Projects planned for 2021. More info will follow for sure.

What do you miss the most from the club scene?

The interaction, the sweat, but mostly we both miss standing behind the decks & make people dance and forgetting time.

Which track you will play in your first Dj set when the clubs are re-opened? 

KH38: Since Tom (Trancemaster Krause) released his Never Bootleg edit, I can’t wait to play it at our Golosa Dancefloor. I heard it and the first thing I was thinking about was Golosa.

Trancemaster Krause: Extreme Trax – Final Fantasy

Do you have a new release or party planned for 2021?

Trancemaster Krause & KH38: We are currently working on a few projects together, which we are really excited about. As we said something is coming in the future so stay tuned!


Electrosexual Pic by Kyri Tarassidis

Ok, could we have good news for this month?! Absolutely! We cannot party together but we can still serve you a taste of Golosa. ELECTROSEXUAL opens the ball of our new podcast series with mastery and gives us an extract of his last set recorded at our October Open Air limited edition. We took this opportunity to have a little kiki with him…

Golosa: Hi ELECTROSEXUAL, you come back one year after your track Darkroom with the single WATCH ME LAKSHMI feat. KARMA SHE with a new sound mixing acid synth with rap vocal. Why did you want to go towards these new sounds?

ELECTROSEXUAL: Vocal Acid is not a genre I often heard of, and I was curious of exploring that path. 

It’s not your first vocal featuring and the rap reminded me of your productions with Scream Club, this time you collaborate with KARMA SHE, why did you want to work with her?

A thing I love about creating music is the possibility to meet and collaborate with exciting and talented artists. While I was working on this new track as well as new demos last December, I asked my friend Dan the Babadouche to put me in contact with KARMA, who, at the time was about to release her first album ´My Naked Devotion’. I was a fan of her performances and videos, 🙂
I knew our synergy would be strong.

The music video clip is amazing, the colors, the symbols, the references… How did the idea for the video come to you?

Very early in the process of the making of this song, we discussed the visual world connected to it, and working on a video project seemed de rigueur.
KARMA quickly proposed a collaboration with Charlotte de Bekker from Future Ancestor, who previously worked with Mikey (Woodbridge) and Hungry, and whom she was already in contact with. Their futuristic and folkloric approach to film making appealed instantly to our hybrid retrofuturistic sound.
Charlotte co-directed it remotely via skype with Karma and edited it during quarantine:
´´a couple of weeks later, I received a hard drive via post in the deep dutch village with a ton of greenscreen footage and created this COLLAGE ZONE DREAM of a video ´´

Do you have a new project coming soon?

KARMA SHE is working on a new EP to be released at the beginning of the year, and she asked me to remix one of the new songs. 
since there won´t be any shows during this second lockdown, I am focusing on composing new material, and recording new sets.

As an artist, how did you live the lockdown and the year 2020?

2020 started pretty uneventfully for such an iconic number and became what we know.
A pretty dramatic year full of struggle I´d say. But, also a good time for introspection and reflection and a wonderful opportunity to build something new and better, finally our queer Utopia seems possible with more unity support and kindness to each other.

Are you Golosa? 
YESSSSSS! sweet, tasty, and gourmand!   All of these!

HÖR & Her 💚

First showcase at HÖR this Wednesday for Golosa. After Mashyno, who played last month for the WHOLE showcase, it’s the turn of our resident 2FARO to burn the desks. We invite the brilliant Dana Montana, resident at DRAG ME TO HELL in Antwerp to make her debut at HÖR. The show will mix sound and visual. Dance Mode is guaranteed.

We miss you,  join our newsletter to stay tuned about our new events. We come back soon…

WHOLE festival is saved ❤️ See you next year!

whole festival TreeHouse floor

This weekend would have been the one where we would set our tent, dance on the beach floor in front of the lake, see the sunrise fall on the Ferropolis’ crane, meet our chosen family, rave all night long, make love and build an utopic future all together. Unfortunately the Covid-19 change our 2020 plans and WHOLE Festival had to be cancelled. The festival was in danger but the collective just announced that the festival is saved with your help. The fundraise on Starnext will go to the end next Monday but you can still buy some fabulous goodies as the exclusive posters and stickers series of Golosa… The extra funds will be broken down as WHOLE festival announced:

-10% To be voted on by you, our community, which we will initiate next week after we close the campaign & publish an update of the numbers
-10% Berlin Collective Action: Nightlife Emergency Fund
-40% To be divided equally between all collectives that were to be apart of this year’s festival.
-40% Preliminary funding for the next edition of WHOLE
(In a gesture of solidarity, WHOLE commits to reducing the “40% preliminary funding for the next edition” down to 30%, redistributing the extra money to Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund, Casa Chama, and Black Lives Matter Berlin.)

So a good reason to catch your favorite goodies at

Cause you can not wait next year to listen WHOLE Festival sound, HÖR invited DJs from WHOLE collectives as Mashyno for Golosa these lasts weeks. An appetizer for the 2021 edition. We hope to see you soon, we miss you ❤️

La Fraicheur: a finest mix of political feminist and music ✊

We named the techno floor of Golosa x Genderlich “Burning the patriarchy with Acid (Techno)” in homage to the T-shirt that she made to raise fund for Feminist NGOs. Besides being a producer and DJ, La Fraicheur is also an activist for LGBTQI rights ✊

For over a decade now, La Fraicheur has been brewing her own deep blend of House & Techno beats, making a name for herself with her signature sound of powerful and emotionally charged Techno sets. Resident DJ in Berlin’s renowned Gegen, member of the Female:Pressure network, the queer feminist activist is a marathon DJ who can go on for countless hours, running the gamut from classics to new songs released just hours earlier.

Expanding her craft by producing her own music ranging from ravy epic Techno to dark pumping Electro, spacious open air Deep House to melancholic Electronica, she wrote her critically acclaimed debut album (Released in June 2018 on French label InFiné) during an artist residency at the Underground Resistance HQ in Detroit.

Golosa: Hi La Fraicheur, how can you describe your sounds?

La Fraicheur: I guess i have a different sound as a producer and a DJ. As a producer it’s a mix of political and melancholic multi layered organic electronic music and as a DJ it’s harder hitting and showcasing the diversity of whatever genre I’m playing that night. I hate linear one size fits all kinda set where tracks are interchangeable. If I’m playing techno I love to run the gamut from Acid to Industrial to Deep Emotional to old school Detroit to Hardcore to Ghetto tech to EBM. I like building sets with highlights going in different directions thanks to tracks that have character. m

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This is a set recorded in France at Made Festival by Mixmag. It’s a good example of how I just described my sound above. It encompasses different styles of techno I love, starting with weirdo breaky shit from female producer duo from Slovenia Warrego Valles and going into hardcore from the late 90’s through a journey built by playing some of my older records that I bought when i was a teenager almost 20 years ago now and that I still carry with me to this day.

What is your freakiest experiences?

I mean it all depends on how we define “freak” and what standards we associate it with. My parents would probably think that me playing at sex parties with people sucking dick one meter away from my face is probably the freakiest while I feel like spending an afternoon at the notary in a gloomy white neon-lit room to get the government to judge and validate my gay ass open relationship tho it doesn’t fit any of its official standards, is probably the weirdest most absurd thing to me that makes me feel certain we live in the Matrix.

Meet La Fraicheur at Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Resident Advisor event
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Genderlich: unity combined with gender free timeless reality 🍬

Saturday 8th of February, Golosa celebrates 1 year anniversary and invites their friends Genderlich to share the cake 🍰 We had a chat with  Andre Fau and Niall Valentine founders of the collective. They told us a bit more about what they are cooking for Golosa x Genderlich 🥄

Golosa: Hi Andre, Hi Niall, Where did the idea to make this party come from?

Genderlich: It came through many party fuelled discussions around how we love to dance, express, move, and influence the mood of people. The idea was to not make the event just specifically ‘Gay’ but a more open and friendly attitude to our queer family and those outside that identification. Genderlich follows the fluidity that reflects and catalyses a focus on the place of gender fluidity in Berlin’s landscape. We were born with an idea of love and acceptance to bring to the full spectrum of our community to experience unity together.

What is the concept of Genderlich?

We craved an environment that offered us high paced music in small sweaty rooms with all our friends together shedding the conformity of gender and using your inner being to express yourself through movement and dance.
The dance-floor is a vibrational energy center. Love is the energy and music is the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, soul and bodies in high frequency. Harmony, love and unity combined with gender free timeless reality.

Could you introduce the residents who will play at Golosa x Genderlich?

You can find Dj City cruising the Griessmuehle at the infamous Cocktail D’Amore pumping out hard hitting beats for sweaty bodies pulsating in the wintergarten or at at Genderlich switching to vibes vibrating the crowd with perfect mood tracks. Read more.

Andre Fau was found melting between our reality and another parallel dimension, his sets vary from some deep to bouncy happy moods catching you in a different variations of frequencies and beats while you melt too. You can find Andre playing at TrashEra making filling vibrational energy in any room he plays.

Tini Weng‘s personal style is POWER HOUSE to get you in the mood for some real hard hitting love – she varys from house to techno blurring the lines while your vision blurs on the dance floor and her beats fill your body.

Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

Facebook event
Resident Advisor event
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Golosa: Hi Andre, How can you describe your sound? 

Andre Fau: I would say my music is always in transition, but rarely I can put my sounds in a box. I play fast techno, acid raver, and mostly 90s underground, uplifting tracks for make you bouncing while you are smiling.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

It’s my edit for the set  I played at my other collective Trashera, that you can feel exactly where is the direction of my music is going. In TrashEra, I like to play more hard dark and hypnotic techno and in Genderlich more Raver 90s and fast happy techno. You can find in this mix where I am going between both.

What is your freakiest experiences?

Berlin is the proper place for freak experiences, that’s why we are all here, but let’s question ourselves what is a freak experience? I think my life itself is out of common social structure norms of a mainstream society, that is itself a life full filled with freak experiences.

Golosa: Hi Tini, how can you describe your sound? 

Tini Weng: Steamy and sweaty vibes .

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

Ranging from chicago  house to straightup techno. I am huge fan playing variables sound from house to techno – power house style and I want to deliver the needed energy my sets.

What is your freakiest experiences?

it is a heavy question for me tbh! I can tell a funny freaky story with happy end. NYE 19/20 super early in the morning I just arrived at Wilde Renate for Trashera NYE Party at the toilet Floor. My Dear André Fau wanted to start his Set. Suddenly something wrong, one of the CD Player did not work. I could see slowly but soarig panic in his eyes. A lot of people came to help – thanks to them btw again- but nothing worked. We were running to the tech engineers, but they had also no solution for the problem, because the motherfucker CDJ was broken and it was not possible to link. He was almost about to cancel the gig until he had a super good idea, André asked me if i have my Stick with me. What a lucky coincidence, i had everything with me, so we could play b2b very spontaneous together and his Gig was saved.

XIK: the hypnotic side of industrial Techno ⛓️

Saturday 8th of February, Golosa x Genderlich invites XIK, resident and one of the founders of the insane Gegen. Hypnotic, iconic and freaky 😈

Fabio Boxikus, aka XIK, grounded in 2007 together with Francesco Ciardo, the queer techno underground event “Sabotage Berlin”, where he also started his carrier as video artist, maintaining a political profile deployed towards the gender issue. Since January 2011, together with Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear, grounded the event “Gegen Berlin”, becoming one of the most representative queer event in the city. From 2014 to 2017 he co-produced “Drone”, a noise-industrial music event. In 2018 Boxikus began his dj career under the name XIK, gathering his crowd in Berlin and all over the world, representing Gegen’s voice.

Golosa: Hi XIK, how can you describe your sounds?

XIK: Dirty, cold and sharp like an old razor with heavy and powerful bass, that smashes into the deepest sides of the listener, sometimes more hypnotic, other times more rough but always filled up with sweet melodies and ritual choruses, mixed with disturbing noises, that trains and guide you to an obscure corner of your imagination.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This is the podcast I’m more attached to, because it’s the first one I did without compromising or trying to please someone, except my self-pleasure, and this actually changed my musical perspectives. The recording is also dedicated to two important persons in my life, who believed in me: one is the author of the first track, Veronica. The other person is the one I created this set for, Antonia.

What is your freakiest experiences?

I’ve been through Berlin’s lost amusement park, to the abandon and full of stories tuberculosis sanatorium of Beelitz, fascinated while admiring kutna hora ossuary chapel, enchanted while in Xochimilco at the “Island of the Dolls”, blessed while in the holy city of the death bodies of Varanasi, astonished while in Puket for the bloody vegetarian festival, outstanding while walking through the Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. But still I can’t get over the last Golosa’s flyer, the one with the snake snitching out that mouth, damned snake-phobia!

Meet XIK at Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Sexy & DJ City 💦

Saturday 8th of February, Golosa x Genderlich welcome the sexy man on the picture: Dj City. His sexy sounds already famous on Cocktail d’Amore music and Genderlich (where he is also resident) will drive you crazy. 🤪

A fairly fresh face to the European dance music scene, involved with renowned musical outlets like Cocktail d’Amore and Born Free, DJ City has been turning heads with his playful and energetic style over the past few years. Originally schooled in the underground scene of booze heavy raves in Stockholm, the dramaturgy of his sets tend to look like a saw, with many tops and just as many bottoms.  👅

Golosa: Hi DJ City, how can you describe your sounds?

DJ City: Playful, sexy and sorta dumb. Sometimes heavier on acid, and sometimes more percussive but always with a focus on a groove that isn’t too serious.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This mix was made for the Honey Soundsystems podcast series and gives a pretty good image of what I like to play. In it are a mix of fresh releases and finds from late 80’s and 90’s. I like to mix old and new, it creates some sort of balance I guess.

What is your freakiest experiences?

I once met an orangutan when I was on a hike. We shared a mango. Only afterwards did I understand how surreal the experience was. It feels a bit like I dreamt it, but there’s a film on my old phone to prove it!

Meet DJ City at Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Lol. Snake! The DJ. 🐍

Lolsnake playing at GOLOSA Snake your body? Must be a coincidence! Wondered how it feels to be in a pit full of snakes? Lolsnake will bite you with acid. She will get your blood cooked. She will strangle you. You will watch your body as it transforms into new ways of motions…. 👅

Danielle aka Lolsnake is a Berlin-based DJ/Visual Artist who runs the event series Weeeirdos which holds a residency at OHM Berlin and curates and promotes other parties, concerts and exhibitions around the city.

Golosa: Hi Lolsnake, how can you describe your sounds?

Lolsnake: Swampy, Salamander & Oxidized would be my best description.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

I recorded this after a three day bender it was so epic i think it was this closing set by CEM b2b Hector Oaks that got me all rilled up and excited that week. Was the most insane set!

What is your freakiest experiences?

Acid at Cocktail, lol 🐍

Meet Lolsnake at Golosa
Saturday December 14th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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The devil's interval & the comedian 🐍 So Berlin!

For the last Golosa of 2019, we recommend you our artistic anti-venom at the opening, perfectly aligned to your senses. First ingredient: A room full of laughter, provided by the probably sassiest Berliner, comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding. Second ingredient: Sonic emotions to the gods, stirred up by the composer Benjamin Michael, ruler of electronic and brass. 🧪

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is an internationally touring Croatian-Canadian stand-up comedian who has performed in over 45 countries worldwide and star of the recent hit video series about a hipster expat “It’s Berlin!”

Golosa: How did you start to become a comedian ?

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding: When I was 23, I asked this sleazy old-school gay bar in Vancouver’s West End to let me do comedy 5 nights a week for a month. So I’d put on this little show in the first hour of them opening each night, and that’s how I first got into doing stand up. There was one night were only 2 guys were in the audience, and half way through, they went to the bathroom to have sex with each other.

What makes you different as the „other“ comedians ?

I’m not sure. I don’t really think about other comedians, because I’m very self absorbed… but I own it! That’s a gay thing. You just admit all your terrible behaviour, and go “But I own it!” and everyone is like, “Well at least he owns it”…

What was your freakiest experience ?

I dated a super kinky German guy who wanted me to fist him. I refused because I was too scared that I would damage his internal organs. He was like “Oh no, I could take it all the way to the elbow”… I was like “Sure Hans, that’s what I’ll tell the poliezi when I’m being arrested for manslaughter, “I swear Officer, he said he could take it up to his elbow!” No, Thanks!

Benjamin Michael is a musician, compposer and performer with a broad repertoire ranging from Salsa to Orquestral compositions.
Having moved to Berlin after his studies in the UK he played in various bands as a saxophonist and also performed his own one-man musical cabaret show called “The Beverly Show”.
A recently obtained certificate in Audio Design has been a new stimulus for his music making, which now invcludes electronic sounds and synthesizers. from a DAW.
The practice of his music applied to the technology of modern music-making results in very detailed compositions, which tell a story of their own.

Golosa: How can you describe your sounds?
Benjamin Michael: I would really like to call it Maximal House, because I try to fill it with emotions to the brim. Maximal feeling in dancy house manner, so to speak.
However, to be honest it is a mix of retro sounding synthesizers with saxophone and a couple of effects.

Could you talk about what you prepared for Golosa?

Sure, the composition is called “Maximal House Nr.1 – The Tritone” and could in theory also be played by other instruments. It s based on the tritone, which is a quite remarkable interval. It used to be called the “devils’ interval” and was forbidden or looked down upon. But as it happens it is my favourite interval and I consider it like a joker or a merry-go-round for music.
The set is 20 minutes with live saxophone and I might even be lured to sing. There will be some looping going on with a Kaossilator, but most of it has been set in the DAW.
I consider it a little psychedelic trip through my sober mind.

What is your most freaky experience?

Äähh, musically? …. the day I discovered the tritone on the piano as a young teenager 😉 You were expecting something naughty weren’t you? Cheeky!

Saturday December 14th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosian styles and attitudes 🦚

Golosa’s last edition hosted an amazing Kiki Ball by Zueira Angels. Have a look back upon the most extravaganza and flamboyant styles caught for the eternity by Spyros Rennt.

As you know you are allowed to be crazy, extravagant, different at Golosa. For the next edition, snake is the icon, soft cyan is the color. Get inspired by this mood board to find your inner boa constrictor from another sphere on Saturday 14th of December at Suicide Club.

Saturday December 14th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Samantha Togni: a camp alien attack 🐍

Expect from Samantha Togni, DJ, producer and model to gift you with some surprises coming from her ruthless Techno weaponry. Snake your body to her set on Cobra Floor at Golosa on Saturday 14th of December 🐍

Samantha Togni is the founder of Boudica London based label and party at The Pickle Factory exploring the darker and hedonistic side of electronic music, and a platform for womxn and non-binary folk.
She is also a core member of Inferno, a London-based club collective renowned for fusing club culture, performance art and techno.
Samantha just came back from a tour where she performed three gigs in Los Angeles, including the legendary Globe Theatre, Paris at La Java, X-Malmö (Sweden) and in London at Elektrowerkz and The Pickle factory. Togni has recently been focusing her energy into her production with scheduled releases on Fabrik, Substantiv, Glauben Records, Xtraperlo Records, Subwoofer Records, and Loose Lips.
She also runs her own radio show on Threads radio every month and is due to appear on When We Dip.
The last months alone has seen the release of her new EP “Trust Issues” which was premiered by Mixmag and caught the attention of the likes of Rinse FM and the release of her two songs “True Romance” on Idustrial Techno United.

Golosa: Hi Samantha, how can you describe your sounds?

Samantha Togni: A ruthless and camp alien attack.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

One hour of Techno weaponry including quite few of my new unreleased material! My neighbours seem to have liked this too.

What is your freakiest experiences?

Being in the underground years for a few years now I definitely have a story or two to tell, my list is always ready to be updated so let’s make Golosa one of it.

Meet Samantha Togni at Golosa
Saturday December 14th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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The alien from Lima 👾

mars antrax DJ

Land to the next Golosa on saturday 14th of December, an alien is coming among us to live freaky experiences. Join Mars and  our sneaky dancefloor. 🛸

Dissatisfied with standards that work in regulating human behavior, Mars Antrax seeks -through non human identities and the influence of a futuristic and science fiction theme as offered by techno-, to break the pillars of the system and provide way to recent generations of beings that contract new sensations and perceptions, and that require an auspicious atmosphere that allows their disoriented unfolding, freedom of self design, expression and evolution.

Golosa: Hi Mars, how can you describe your sounds?

Mars Antrax: The sound that I explore and radiate during my sessions embrace error and stand by processes as the main substance for generating transmissions complexity that tent to travel from rough and atmospheric, to the straight essence of distortion and chaos, passing through imperfections and lo fi textures, dirty and dusty sound, hypnotic waves and futuristic envelopes.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This is a podcast recorded with a lot of fury, love and dedication for Radio RAM  Rave Against the Machines, rave & queer culture collective based in Osaka, Japan & inclusive acceptance worldwide. X.I.R.A. -who runs Radio RAM and who I thank for the invitation to be part of- and me defined together that this transmission should be called PAGAN CELEBRATION MIX paying tribute to any not Catholic celebration of recent past dates. Hoping Catholicism soon falls apart. Sound may provide the way. Enjoy <3

What is your freakiest experiences?

Realizing every day how alien we are on Earth.


Meet Mars Antrax at Golosa
Saturday December 14th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Berlin’s hottest time machine 🧨

Our partner collective for this Saturday is first finger burnin’ and then finger lickin’ good: BRENN. Are you freaky enough to explore a new identity of yours? Thanks to their experienced DJs, you will party like it’s 1999. Don’t even bother acting cool, fool.

Golosa: Nick, Lu, you are the curators behind BRENN. You celebrated the second anniversary recently. How become the idea to make this party?

BRENN.: It’s crazy how time flies. Like a lot of Berlin stories we met out partying on a sunday. We started talking and instantly vibed, talking favourite parties, music, fashion, the crazy stories of this city. Few weeks after we got offered to do a booking at Loftus and create whatever with that space. Even though we didn’t know each other for long we immediately thought we wanted to create this together. Here we are two years later.

Could you introduce the concept?

We toyed around with names determined to create a fun space, that reflects what we’ve been experiencing in Berlin. What came to mind was energy and meeting like minded people. “BRENN.” [Brennpunkt] in German means a point in urban spaces, where all sorts of dodgy, crazy people meet a place like Kotti. But Brennpunkt also means the burning point in thermodynamics: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But it sure can change state.”. Exactly what dancers in Berlin are about. They make the space. The energy on the dancefloor shifts constantly, but also never disappears.

What do you like from 90s?

The nineties were an era we’re so many musical influences and subcultures mixed: disco, soul, rock, house, grunge, hip hop. It was the birthing hour of techno in the world and Berlin particularly. When the wall came down here, people from east and west unified on the dancefloor raving in squatted houses with no more than an amazing sound system and some flashing lights. It didn’t matter who you are, where you’re from but only that you enjoyed the rave. We both love Acid, Detroit house and queer fierce vocals.

Could you introduce the residents who will play at Golosa x BRENN?

Ever since our start in 2017 we have had the amazingly talented Sherø by our side as a resident. She was the first female underground DJ in Belgium and has been a regular in the European underground club scene since. She serves us some real underground gems from the past mixed with fine tracks from the present. Sherø is a queer, strong, talented dj and we are super proud to have her as part of the BRENN. family. Don’t miss this powerhouse.

Adam Rec. is berlin-bred friend and artist whose has been crucial part of the BRENN. family from day one. He’s known for his fun strictly vinyl sets filled with sexy 70s, 80s disco tracks. Adam Rec. behind the decks is a guarantee for an intense fun and light session between the ravers and the dj. Bring your dancing shoes! 

Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
Saturday October 12th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa: How can you describe your sound? 

Sherø: I have been a steady fixture in the club scene for more than 25 years. My style as a dj,  often is described as deep, sensual, sexy and energetic, combines the best of both worlds. A mix of old skool underground house classics and b sides topped with some contemporary new gems.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

For this set, I wanted to introduce a bit of my Belgian electronic music roots by mixing some old new beat records I grew up with as a young teenager and some more ravy sounds that are a bit more known by the techno audience, but as I like to build a story I softened the atmosphere a bit by bringing in some deeper US 90´s house classics and added a couple of more contemporary sounds to the set to keep things in balance and interesting.

Golosa: How can you describe your sound? 

Adam Rec.: My style depends on many factors and is constantly changing. My taste in music has been evolving throughout my life, and has included a variety of musical phases, ranging from soul, disco from the 70s and 80s, electronic music of the 90s to house and deep house music. From this musical fund, I put together my sets, which are always individually designed depending on the audience, mood and location. The most important thing for me: it has to be danceable.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

I have yet to record my gigs. But I have made a small sample recording a while back, which gives you a little glimpse of what awaits you at Golosa.

adam rec.

The dark witch is coming ✨

Nina Pixel

On Saturday, 12th October, Golosa will host a flaming party in Suicide Club (with BRENN. on the House floor and So Extra Berlin for a Vogue Ball as opening). Nina Pixel will play the Inferno Floor and we met up with her for an interview. Read how she uses her dark magic for creating compelling sets. Join Nina and us on the dancefloor. 🔥

Nina Pixel is a sound artist oriented on conceptual work with sounds and storytelling. She also likes to play wild techno and smelly deep bass tracks mixed with old rave acids and sweaty harsh noise.

“My music often contains field recordings and sound experiments with organic objects. My inspiration comes from deep forests of Slovakia, dark fairy tales and myths. My stories smell like a forestal soil, soaked with rotten bodies of magical plants and wild animals.”

In the project called BLACK ACID, She is working with sonic dirt, sampled poems, and dark industrial techno as an exploration of the inner ecology, the relationships within oneself, the relationships within us and environments, which grow into personal mythology we create.

Golosa: Hi Nina, how can you describe your sounds?
Nina Pixel: My sounds are based on work with emotions and feelings – I like to work with recordings and energy of particular spaces or objects. Although playing in clubs I love to play hard and dark techno 🙂

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
This mix is a recording of the set from Prague´s event with my beloved friends from PROCESS. This time it was with Eric from OAKE project. Eric is a dark magician, his energy is so sharp – I remember his soundcheck – he screamed so strong into the mic that all our hearts jumped out of their position. We were hiding in the backstage before his act 🙂

In a similar direction goes also this recording – it is a collection of tracks and samples from occult sessions with people possessed by spirits.
I worked with this topic when preparing podcast for Ruhecast collective which I named “Voices From Possessed Children”.

Working with sound means for me to work with energy which interacts with the listener or raver – helping them to go through emotional climaxes, traumas, ceremonies – providing a space and conditions for all kinds of personal rituals of my beloved dancing witches and creatures. So they can let go or summon whatever they wish for.

Some sound samples I used:

Ethnological Material / Healing Rituals
Bernhard Hagen | Walze 16: Lagu Sale, Gesang Des Zauberarztes Bei Einer Nächtlichen Krankenkur, 1905
Theodor Koch-Grünberg | Walze Yekuana-Majjongong, 1912
Rahmi Oruc Güvenc Und Seine Gruppe | “Tümata”: Zikir Aus Der Rufai-Tradition, 1980
Recordings of unseen Intelligence/ Trance and Direct Voice Recordings
Field Recordings | forest, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | cut trees, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | forestal mud and soil, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | iceskating on the frozen lake, Sweden
Field Recordings | cablecar, Etna Volcano, Sicily
Field Recordings | machine room, Etna Volcano, Sicily

What is your freakiest experiences?
Living on this planet.

Meet Nina Pixel at Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
Saturday October 12th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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"We need the eyes of the world to watch us."

On Saturday, 14th of September, Golosa and GEGEN will have a truck at the parade of the Szczecin Pride. We met with Monika Pacyfka Tichy to learn why our support is so important. Join us next saturday in Poland, just two hours by train or car from Berlin, and let’s march together ✊

Golosa: Hi Monika, please briefly describe you and your political journey so far.
Monika Pacyfka Tichy: I am an activist, a feminist and I am always on a riot. I love motorcycles and travelling. I used to be a manager of young racing talents and that was my activism until the new far-right PiS Partei came to power. I had to abandon motorcycles and start to fight for human rights, women rights and democracy in Poland.

You work for Lambda Szczecin, could you tell us more about this organization ?
In our city there was no active LGBTQI+ group so I decided to create one along with some other people who had the same idea. We reactivated Lambda Szczecin, and in 2018 we organized the first Pride here. Lambda also provides help for LGBTQI+ people and their relatives on psychological and legal fields. We also organize support groups and educational events.

What is the situation of LGBTQI+ in Poland?
LGBTQI+ people have no basic rights in Poland: no registered partnership, an extremely difficult, humiliating legal transition, no hate crime nor hate speech protection. The current government has been discriminating LGBTQI+ people since they came into power but especially now, in the election year, the LGBTQI+ community is getting intensively attacked by politicians of the ruling party and their political friends: the Catholic Church. Local authorities are creating so called „LGBT free zones”. This caused a rapid rise of homophobic attacks. Some of the prides, especially in the south-eastern part of the country, saw its participants getting brutally attacked by Neo-Nazi hooligans. Last year in Szczecin we were attacked too.

Why is it important to join the Szczecin Pride ?
We need the eyes of the world to watch us. What is happening here must be seen worldwide. Poland is member of EU and it is a responsibility. Every person marching with us brings more energy to our Pride. We need you guys!

Join Berlin Queers supporting Szczecin Pride:

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Oliver Deutschmann Verboten!

Inspired by the London party Klub Verboten, today Oliver Deutschmann releases the track Verboten on the EP Special Interests on Made of Concrete label, which also includes two more tracks dedicated to some well know techno parties from the Berlin scene. 🍆
We love it just like his delicious set at Golosa Pride edition.
He nicely replied to our Golosaaa interview 😋

Golosa: Hi Oliver, how can you describe your sounds?
Oliver Deutschmann: Techno.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
Did this one for my friends from Sound Department Club in South Italy. It’s just the sound I’d play also in a club.

What is your freakiest experiences?
I once was on a backpacker trip through Costa Rica. One day I was looking for a waterfall in the jungle. I heard some noise coming from a big animal out of the woods. Was pretty scared. Turned out to be a white horse. No one believed me. But it’s a true story.

Find the new Oliver Deutschmann
EP “Special Interests”  
on Made of Concrete Label:


Kingsizebed and Golosa vitamins 🍊🍋

dj kingsizebed

Delight! Kingsizebed plays this saturday at Golosa Pride edition. He will bring his vitamins and energy to the open air House floor. 😋

“A journey going through house, electro and techno. Telling our Story to bring energy on the dance floor, like the vitamin do.” Organizer of Vitamina party in Milan, Kingsizebed describes his music and him like that. He recently played in Istanbul, Berlin, Bratislava, London and in the Israeli Burningman (Midburn Festival). We asked him a few questions to wait until Saturday…

Golosa: Hi Kingsizebed, how can you describe your sounds?
Kingsizebed: To Mix house, techno and electro is what I like to play in my dj set. I try to create a story changing atmospheres along the set, keeping always the vibe pumping to get people dance.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
I share my latest set recorded at Radio Raheem in Milan just before Vitamina we had last Sunday hosting Jackie House from Honey Soundsystem.

What is your freakiest experiences?
Quitting my permanent job in the office to dedicate myself completely to the music. Also play at the burning man festival in Israel (Midburn) and Whole festival which were special experiences to me, that I will never forget.

Meet Kingsizebed at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Grab your pop corn and take a seat at Golosa Pride 📽️🍿😋

Stadt der verlorenen Seelen – Rosa von Praunheim 

They love to create freaky experiences. They turn their voices into visions that are seen on the big screen. Their films are shown on festivals all around the globe and Golosa is very proud to say that they are part of our community.

In the recreation of a Queer Village the Main Floor will again transform into a cinema. From 10 pm to midnight we will screen selected short movies of Berlin-based filmmakers that Golosa already knows very well and whom’s works need to be introduced to you asap.

The films by Them presents prove that emotions are duplicated when they are shared with others. They enrich our queer multiplex with giving a voice to „Dorothy”, a beautiful person that is warm, human and real as you are.

Dorothy – THEM presents 

Different vibes and beats can coexist – as it proves in the music videos by animation artist fashion pdg where we become the hero in an 80s style arcade that loves to have freaky experiences.

The cinematic eyes of Manuel Abramovich create safe places without judgement. His latest film just won the silver bear at this years Berlinale. In his early work “La Reina” we witness the struggle of what it means to be a queen – a feeling probably not unfamiliar to a lot of Golosians.

La Reina – Manuel Abramovich 

The kitsch and quirky world of the fashion films by Clémentine Decremps for the french designer Christelle Noel brought the attention of Golosa because as all of us, they are crazy, extravagant and different. Furthermore she shot the trailers for Golosa – Pride edition. You go, girl! 

To say that Rosa von Praunheim is a queer icon, pioneer and goddess would be an understatement. And because he doesn’t need an introduction Golosa recommends:

We are very honored to again show some selected scenes that Rosa provided from his oeuvre, which not only sums up every point of the Golosa Manifesto perfectly but is also an hommage to a 50 years and counting-riot with love in beautiful Berlin. 

And because Golosa has an on-going appetite for everything new, some fresh work from the filmmakers that were featured last year will also be served: „Romance“ from Nicky Miller will only have its premiere the day before and Miroimages is providing an exclusive preview of his new work.

So before the dance floor wants you to shake your body, be ready to be inspired some cinematic freaky experiences and let Golosa find itself in you!

Romance – Nicky Miller

14 oder 18 – fashion PDG

CSD Screening at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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"Queeramnesty is very strong in organizing urgent actions and helping LGBTIQ refugees from different parts of the world"

queeramnesty BBQ 2018 with Gene

Last year, the charity BBQ was extremely successful, we hope that you will be so generous this year. From 9pm, a charity BBQ for Queeramnesty will be done at  Golosa Pride edition. We meet Gene Bogolepov, member of Queeramnesty Berlin to know more about them.  Kind and delicious 😋

Golosa: Hi Gene, you are member of Queeramnesty Berlin, could you tell us what does the organization?

Gene: Queeramnesty group – is a special group of Amnesty International Germany. This group is taking care of LGBTIQ people. It was founded in Berlin i think 22 years ago and since then it is actively supporting LGBTIQ activists from different countries and helping them to be more efficient with their work. Also this group is very strong in organizing urgent actions and helping LGBTIQ refugees from different parts of the world.

Golosa: How did you hear about them?
Gene: I personally started contributing some work to this group in February 2018 and actually i found this group because i was trying ti help one refugee from Chechen Republic. It was quite a serious question and at that moment I was trying to get help from different NGOs and writing a lot of e-mails to them. So it happened, that Queeramnesty replied the first, they were actually the quickest to reply, which made me feel really good about them. Then i started working with them, because i felt that i like efficiency of the group, i like what they do, i like the attitude. Also, i’ve always believed what Amnesty International does, so i was thinking it would be really good to become a member of this group and i have never never doubt it, that i did the right things since i started working with Queer Amnesty team.

QueerAmnesty team with Golosa and SC delegates

Golosa: What do you do in it?

Gene: Personally in Queeramnesty I’m helping to organize different events, also on behalf of the group i’m active as a speaker for LGBTIQ rights in Russian Federation. I’m helping to research the situation with LGBTIQ rights  in Chechen Republic as well – this is kind of mine specialization. I guess i managed to gather enough information to say that…ok, i wouldn’t call it loudly «an expert», but i’m  sort of well aware of what is going on in Chechen Republic and i managed to provide this information to those, who are interested and who are somehow connected with this situation and who work on this.
Last year Golosa have already organized the charity barbecue for Queeramnesty and we find it extremely nice that the promoters of the party think about important things and integrate them into their party flow.

Participate to the charity BBQ
for Queeramnesty Berlin at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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More about Queeramnesty Berlin:


queeramnesty BBQ 2018

black and white pics by Sacha Perova

Cherry on the cake: CherrYO!-kie is in da House! 🎤🍒

CherrYO!-kie pic title

Photo Credit: Rafael Medina – –

Golosa Pride edition starts earlier at 21:00 and we will recreate a Queer Village in it heart with different stages mixing culture and guilty pleasure 😋 Be ready to show your voice and take the mic, CherrYO!-kie is in da House!

CherrYO-kie is Karaoke like you have never experienced before. It’s an all singing all dancing Karaoke Dance Party in which you are submerged into the song with your very own backup dancers. All of which is controlled by the Karaoke VJ who drives the party just as a DJ would a dance set. After 8 years of karaoke field work Sampson has honed the CherrYO-kie experience into a totally new audience interactive dance party that simply rocks. CherrYO-kie happens as a regular Party in Berlin and has played countless international festivals. 

CherrYO-kie and Sampson give more than a karaoke. It’s a anthems of pride and flamboyance. Be sure to be the Queen of the night singing the ultimate queer pop song of the last 50 years.

CherrYO!-kie at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Exclusive Podcast: When LA SCHMOCK cooks only for you 🥄


Golosians, LA SCHMOCK cooks especially for you a delicious mix as appetizer of Golosa Pride edition 😋

LA SCHMOCK grew up in Bremen and Hamburg. After being an 80ies child, he was influenced by the 90s house music and techno scene and so he started to play as a teenager at small parties. In 2000 he came to Berlin and was exited by the music and gay scene. At that time, quite clearly, representative of this scene was the legendary Ostgut. Since the the late 2000s he started to DJ again and founded a music blog for affected by the NuDisco scene in France especially by artists from the Valerie Collective. Since then he attracted attention and played in Berlins venues like Kit Kat Club, SchwuZ, Magnet, Musik & Frieden, Monarch, Polygon/Kosmonaut, Kino International, Barbarella, Klub Kreuzberg, Privat Club, Else, Brunnen70, Bertrams, Brigit & Beer, Loftus Hall, Beate Uwe, Monster Ronsons and more. Since 2018, he’s a resident at UNBEDINGT. In his sets LA SCHMOCK unifies his passion of Nu-Disco and Indie-Dance into the realms of Deep House. Always thrilling the audience with his awareness of uplifting and feel-good tunes, still unsuspected what`s up next!

Golosa: Hi LA SCHMOCK, how can you describe your sounds?
LA SCHMOCK: Influenced by my roots, the sound of 80s, Synthpop, Italo-Disco, Funk, New Jack Swing, 90s House & Techno, I found my direction of dance-music in a cosmic mixture of housy disco-electronic. On the other side I’m a big fan of cheezy synth-wave and Italo Disco. But after the great times of NuDisco I also returned to more house music and techno. It always depends: Which mood I am, what do I like at the moment, what do I find on new music, what kind of party, what kind of people, location, time of the year. It’s unexpected ….

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
It includes several different styles that I like. I recorded it very quickly like cooking with ingredients you just find in your fridge and so it’s a quick menu or more precisely a little journey starting with some disco continuing to more punching housy tunes.

What is your freakiest experiences?
I could tell you so many. Especially recently from the Whole Festival… But I won’t do this in public. 😉

Meet LA SCHMOCK at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Venus Guy Trap pays respects to the queer origins by mixing classics with contemporary gems 💎

Venus Guy Trap Dj guest

pic by Ema Discordant 

She is on our silver platter for CSD 😋 Venus Guy Trap‘s high energy set will make Golosa Pride edition your night to remember.

She has always loved music but she learned to DJ at the suggestion of a partner. Although that relationship didn’t last, she developed a true passion for the craft. Originally from Australia, Venus Guy Trap honed her natural talents all over Sydney for two years before moving to Berlin in 2018. Since then, she has played numerous parties at SchwuZ, Sounds and Schrippe Hawaii. Venus Guy Trap is also on the lineup for Artlake Festival at Bergheider See in August.

Venus Guy Trap is an advocate for diversity in DJ lineups as well as the music she plays. She admires how refreshing House and Disco were and continue to be in the white heteronormative music industry and pays respects to these queer origins by mixing classics with contemporary gems. 

Golosa: Hi Venus Guy Trap, how can you describe your sounds?
Venus Guy Trap: I’m drawn to sassy tracks with a great beat so I play high-energy Disco and House with ghetto, diva, gospel and Chicago elements. I thrive when I play to a room full of people smiling, raising their hands, singing along and working up a sweat.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
Studio 69 is an all-inclusive House and Disco party that celebrates queerness, connections and community. I had already attended Studio 69 a number of times so when I was booked to play I wanted to recreate the warmth and fun-loving energy I felt whilst including some Australian dance classics to really put my signature on it.

What is your freakiest experiences?
Whole Festival was a freaky utopia!

Meet Venus Guy Trap at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa in the TreeHouse of Whole Festival 2019

whole festival TreeHouse floor

Take your sun cream and your tickets, the event is coming soon. From Friday 14th to Monday 17th of June at Ferropolis. Already on board since the first edition as G day, Golosa is proud to be one of a lot amazing queer collectives invited from around the world as Buttons Berlin, CockTail d’Amore Berlin, BASSIANI Tbilisi, Lecken Berlin, mina Lisbon, Popoff Kitchen Moscow, Pornceptual Berlin, UNTER New York, Vitamina Milan etc.

As they define by themselves, Whole festival create an inclusive environment that provides space for the acceptance of all gender expressions and sexual orientations, but in a relaxing, outdoor environment outside of the hectic confines of the city. A multi-day camping festival where self-expression and self-liberation are paramount.

Golosa invites the delicious guest Yha Yha, who releases some week ago a brillant mini mix for Honey Soundsystem, and our residents 2FARO and Mashyno. They will take the desk of the TreeHouse floor Saturday evening from 21:00 to 03:00. 🕶️🍦😋

Meet Yha Yha, 2FARO and Mashyno at Whole festival
Saturday June 15th:

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Taste the House set of Heartthrob this Saturday at Golosa

His sexy set will make you freaky at Golosa, Taste the sensational Heartthrob ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Under the guise Heartthrob, Jesse Siminski has been defining a unique corner of underground house and techno for over a decade.

He has released thirteen EPs and twenty remixes on many of the scene’s most respected labels including M_nus, Ghostly, Cocoon, BPitch, Mute, in addition to his own imprint ISNISNT.

Honed over twenty years of record collecting and studio experimentation, Jesse has a knack for capturing peak emotion and energetic grooves with the flair of an experimentalist. The hit track ‘Baby Kate’ and the full-length album ‘Dear Painter Paint Me’ stand out as two out of a number of important releases. He has remixed for the likes of Depeche Mode, The Knife, Plastikman and Fischerspooner. Most recently, Jesse released the EP Nairobi Candles on Seth Troxler’s label Play It Say It, to great acclaim. He has spent the last 12 years DJing and playing hardware-driven live shows in many of the top clubs around the world: a former resident of Paris’ storied Rex Club and a frequent guest at London’s Fabric, Berlin’s Berghain, Tokyo’s Womb and New York’s Output. 

While living in New York, an encounter with Magda would lead to friendships with Troy Pierce, Richie Hawtin, and Kevin McHugh. In 2005, they came together on Hawtin’s label Minus, marking the emergence of minimal techno, first in New York and then around the world. Through his work with the label, Jesse took part in genre-defining projects in collaboration with technology giants Native Instruments, Ableton, and Allen & Heath.

Born in Northern Michigan, Jesse’s father introduced him to dance music and he tuned his ear at a relative’s record shop near Detroit. Prince, Kraftwerk, and Laid Back were early touchstones of a beat that would become so important to his music. Label’s like Relief, Plus 8 and Communique formed the backbone of Jesse’s record collection and informed his sensibilities early on. 

After stints in New York and Paris, Jesse currently calls Berlin home.

Golosa: Hi Heartthrob, how can you describe your sounds?
Heartthrob: My Sound is broad and embraces a variety of moods and feelings,  but can be defined as forward thinking and above all else funky and rooted in sex. 

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
The “Is Burning” mix Is one I recorded last year for my friends in Amsterdam.  It is a collection of tracks from different times and places that all resonate moods I like on the dance floor… Mystery and playfuness come to mind. Together its sexy and interesting. Which is always the point for me when I wanna dance.

What is your freakiest experiences?
My freakiest experience is still on the horizon. Berlin has been the perfect place to be surprised on a regular basis… 

Meet Heartthrob at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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A bite of Marum: from the insane Queer Lisbon party Mina to Golosa

Marum-Dj guest

The 18th of May will be his premiere at Golosa, we talked with Marum about his music and his freaky experiences 💎💦

Risen to prominence from Lisbon’s underground scene as a resident of mina‘s infamous raves, Marum has crafted a unique and hybrid artistic practice: relentless rave DJ and community utopian-researcher.

One of the instigators of the queer rave mina (Lisbon), co-founder of the label and artist agency suspension (Lisbon/Berlin), and member of the community radio Quântica (Lisbon), Marum holds a refined and thoughtful sonic and political signature that moves entire communities and dance floors.

Their sets are unashamed worship sessions of hypnotic, acidic techno, cavernous industrial beats with elements of EBM, trance and aerial drones, taking influence from film scores, minimalist composers and musique concrète. Oscillating between meditative soundscapes and fast-paced high-energy music, the dance floor is taken to a contagious physical and mental catharsis, manipulating the realms between anxiety, peace, and ecstasy.

In a constant exchange with new scenes, Marum has played in parties, clubs and festivals across Europe. Recent highlights include sharing bills with SPFDJ and VTSS at Berghain’s Säule (Berlin), headlining at the castle of Forte Festival along with Alva Noto and Surgeon, an extended closing at Room 4 Resistance, playing Red Light Radio and De School (Amsterdam), regular visits to Lux (Lisbon).

At the end of 2018 Marum played at the mina curated Lisbon Boiler Room, part of Hard Dance: a series of shows revolving around the most vital contemporary crews pushing boundaries in the rave scene.

2019 will bring Marum’s first Asian tour, a b2b with Violet at Impulso Festival, an artist residency at Q21 in Vienna curated by Bogomir Doringer, and the participation at WHOLE Festival (Germany).

Parallel to DJing, Marum is also a visual and performance artist, curator, and writer, working with the experimental platform XenoEntities Network and Rabbit Hole, focusing on gender, queer and feminist theory, technology and digital culture, electronic music and club politics.

Golosa: Hi Marum, how can you describe your sounds?
Marum: At the moment I’ve been playing both faster and slower: navigating through ambient and downtempo dreamscapes and speeding up on the techno and acid with dashes of EBM and trance (reviving some old tastes).

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
This set reflects exactly that rave-forward beats I’ve been playing while evoking slower and trippy harmonies of some composers I love.

What is your freakiest experiences?
From playing on the top of a hill in castle-festival to holding the hand of a frontliner while he got ass-fucked, it’s difficult to pick one out of so many.

Meet Marum at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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A slice of Overland: she makes her Berlin's debut at Golosa

Overland Pic

The 18th of May will be her big premiere in Berlin at Golosa. Her new acid EPs Colossal Book Of Mathematics releases on Helpful Music and Forever in Transit releases on Violet’s label Naive are a delicious appetizer to taste her acid style 🍋😋

From her base of operations in Vancouver, Canada, she’s gradually attracting the attention of international labels with original productions rooted in the sonic cultures of places like Detroit, New York, and The United Kingdom. Her DJ sets are mesmerizing, ranging from banging warehouse techno, to fast-cut acid breaks, and bass-driven industrial music.

She was invited on the Swamp81 Rinse FM show with Loefah in August 2017 and Rinse France in April 2018 debuting some of her original tracks. Shortly thereafter her tracks appeared on two notable compilations, Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits, presented by New York label Sweat Equity, and Never A Land Without People, a charity compilation benefiting Palestinian human rights activists.

Her track “Steam Bun Acid” was selected as a feature out of the New York compilation on Resident Advisor.

She was soon contacted by labels based in New York and Lisbon with the prospect of releasing two full-length vinyl EPs, both due for release in the fall. In addition, her remix of Tin Man’s “Drenched Acid” was chosen to be apart of his Acid Friend compilation, which is being released mid September.

She has gradually honed in on her distinct, driving sound that is heavily influenced by the piercing acid techno soundscape of the classic rave era, and shows no sign of slowing down. Overland is a force to be reckoned with!

Golosa: Hi Overland, how can you describe your sounds?
Overland: I play a mixture of acid, techno and breaks.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
It starts slower (123 BPM) and ends fast (140 BPM). It has a lot of my favourite music right now, lots of cuts from ‘92 as well as newer, harder acid.

What is your freakiest experiences?
Playing for freaks all the time 😋

Meet Overland at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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