XIK: the hypnotic side of industrial Techno ⛓️

Saturday 8th of February, Golosa x Genderlich invites XIK, resident and one of the founders of the insane Gegen. Hypnotic, iconic and freaky 😈

Fabio Boxikus, aka XIK, grounded in 2007 together with Francesco Ciardo, the queer techno underground event “Sabotage Berlin”, where he also started his carrier as video artist, maintaining a political profile deployed towards the gender issue. Since January 2011, together with Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear, grounded the event “Gegen Berlin”, becoming one of the most representative queer event in the city. From 2014 to 2017 he co-produced “Drone”, a noise-industrial music event. In 2018 Boxikus began his dj career under the name XIK, gathering his crowd in Berlin and all over the world, representing Gegen’s voice.

Golosa: Hi XIK, how can you describe your sounds?

XIK: Dirty, cold and sharp like an old razor with heavy and powerful bass, that smashes into the deepest sides of the listener, sometimes more hypnotic, other times more rough but always filled up with sweet melodies and ritual choruses, mixed with disturbing noises, that trains and guide you to an obscure corner of your imagination.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This is the podcast I’m more attached to, because it’s the first one I did without compromising or trying to please someone, except my self-pleasure, and this actually changed my musical perspectives. The recording is also dedicated to two important persons in my life, who believed in me: one is the author of the first track, Veronica. The other person is the one I created this set for, Antonia.

What is your freakiest experiences?

I’ve been through Berlin’s lost amusement park, to the abandon and full of stories tuberculosis sanatorium of Beelitz, fascinated while admiring kutna hora ossuary chapel, enchanted while in Xochimilco at the “Island of the Dolls”, blessed while in the holy city of the death bodies of Varanasi, astonished while in Puket for the bloody vegetarian festival, outstanding while walking through the Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. But still I can’t get over the last Golosa’s flyer, the one with the snake snitching out that mouth, damned snake-phobia!

Meet XIK at Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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