A bit of Sparkling Water dreams

Some hours before his set at Golosa this Saturday on the Bubbles floor from 01 am to 04 am, Sparkling water dreams gimme us more …

Golosa: Hi  Sparkling water dreams, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

Sparkling water dreams: With all my free time during the pandemic I mostly just dug out new tracks from the depths and tried to stay as motivated as possible.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

Fully packed dance floors.

What track do you love right now?

Jovonn – Get together (Jovonn’s BND remix)

Do you have Golosa in you? 

INDEED! I love to play records for hours ❤️

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

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