WHOLE festival is saved ❤️ See you next year!

whole festival TreeHouse floor

This weekend would have been the one where we would set our tent, dance on the beach floor in front of the lake, see the sunrise fall on the Ferropolis’ crane, meet our chosen family, rave all night long, make love and build an utopic future all together. Unfortunately the Covid-19 change our 2020 plans and WHOLE Festival had to be cancelled. The festival was in danger but the collective just announced that the festival is saved with your help. The fundraise on Starnext will go to the end next Monday but you can still buy some fabulous goodies as the exclusive posters and stickers series of Golosa… The extra funds will be broken down as WHOLE festival announced:

-10% To be voted on by you, our community, which we will initiate next week after we close the campaign & publish an update of the numbers
-10% Berlin Collective Action: Nightlife Emergency Fund
-40% To be divided equally between all collectives that were to be apart of this year’s festival.
-40% Preliminary funding for the next edition of WHOLE
(In a gesture of solidarity, WHOLE commits to reducing the “40% preliminary funding for the next edition” down to 30%, redistributing the extra money to Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund, Casa Chama, and Black Lives Matter Berlin.)

So a good reason to catch your favorite goodies at www.startnext.com/savewholefestival

Cause you can not wait next year to listen WHOLE Festival sound, HÖR invited DJs from WHOLE collectives as Mashyno for Golosa these lasts weeks. An appetizer for the 2021 edition. We hope to see you soon, we miss you ❤️