The pleasure is all ours, ROTCIV

Genius music producer and DJ, one day after his last release, ROTCIV plays at Golosa this Saturday on the Bubbles floor from 22 pm to 01 am :)

Golosa: Hi  ROTCIV, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

ROTCIV: Definitely, BPMs got slower and music even more eclectic, since we did not have the clubs for so long! Also, I spent more time producing in the studio.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

Freedom with responsibility, diversity with respect.. and good music <3

What track do you love right now?

There are too many to mention in different styles… 
Chromatics – Runner, Altin Gün – Cips Kola Kilit or Bliss Inc. – Pangaea are some good examples.

Do you have Golosa in you? 

I am hungry to have our dancefloors back, glad things are reopening again, and looking forward to the party Saturday!

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

Resemblance on bandcamp
Elev8tion on bandcamp