"Queeramnesty is very strong in organizing urgent actions and helping LGBTIQ refugees from different parts of the world"

queeramnesty BBQ 2018 with Gene

Last year, the charity BBQ was extremely successful, we hope that you will be so generous this year. From 9pm, a charity BBQ for Queeramnesty will be done at  Golosa Pride edition. We meet Gene Bogolepov, member of Queeramnesty Berlin to know more about them.  Kind and delicious 😋

Golosa: Hi Gene, you are member of Queeramnesty Berlin, could you tell us what does the organization?

Gene: Queeramnesty group – is a special group of Amnesty International Germany. This group is taking care of LGBTIQ people. It was founded in Berlin i think 22 years ago and since then it is actively supporting LGBTIQ activists from different countries and helping them to be more efficient with their work. Also this group is very strong in organizing urgent actions and helping LGBTIQ refugees from different parts of the world.

Golosa: How did you hear about them?
Gene: I personally started contributing some work to this group in February 2018 and actually i found this group because i was trying ti help one refugee from Chechen Republic. It was quite a serious question and at that moment I was trying to get help from different NGOs and writing a lot of e-mails to them. So it happened, that Queeramnesty replied the first, they were actually the quickest to reply, which made me feel really good about them. Then i started working with them, because i felt that i like efficiency of the group, i like what they do, i like the attitude. Also, i’ve always believed what Amnesty International does, so i was thinking it would be really good to become a member of this group and i have never never doubt it, that i did the right things since i started working with Queer Amnesty team.

QueerAmnesty team with Golosa and SC delegates

Golosa: What do you do in it?

Gene: Personally in Queeramnesty I’m helping to organize different events, also on behalf of the group i’m active as a speaker for LGBTIQ rights in Russian Federation. I’m helping to research the situation with LGBTIQ rights  in Chechen Republic as well – this is kind of mine specialization. I guess i managed to gather enough information to say that…ok, i wouldn’t call it loudly «an expert», but i’m  sort of well aware of what is going on in Chechen Republic and i managed to provide this information to those, who are interested and who are somehow connected with this situation and who work on this.
Last year Golosa have already organized the charity barbecue for Queeramnesty and we find it extremely nice that the promoters of the party think about important things and integrate them into their party flow.

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queeramnesty BBQ 2018

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