Oliver Deutschmann Verboten!

Inspired by the London party Klub Verboten, today Oliver Deutschmann releases the track Verboten on the EP Special Interests on Made of Concrete label, which also includes two more tracks dedicated to some well know techno parties from the Berlin scene. 🍆
We love it just like his delicious set at Golosa Pride edition.
He nicely replied to our Golosaaa interview 😋

Golosa: Hi Oliver, how can you describe your sounds?
Oliver Deutschmann: Techno.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
Did this one for my friends from Sound Department Club in South Italy. It’s just the sound I’d play also in a club.

What is your freakiest experiences?
I once was on a backpacker trip through Costa Rica. One day I was looking for a waterfall in the jungle. I heard some noise coming from a big animal out of the woods. Was pretty scared. Turned out to be a white horse. No one believed me. But it’s a true story.

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