The dark witch is coming ✨

Nina Pixel

On Saturday, 12th October, Golosa will host a flaming party in Suicide Club (with BRENN. on the House floor and So Extra Berlin for a Vogue Ball as opening). Nina Pixel will play the Inferno Floor and we met up with her for an interview. Read how she uses her dark magic for creating compelling sets. Join Nina and us on the dancefloor. 🔥

Nina Pixel is a sound artist oriented on conceptual work with sounds and storytelling. She also likes to play wild techno and smelly deep bass tracks mixed with old rave acids and sweaty harsh noise.

“My music often contains field recordings and sound experiments with organic objects. My inspiration comes from deep forests of Slovakia, dark fairy tales and myths. My stories smell like a forestal soil, soaked with rotten bodies of magical plants and wild animals.”

In the project called BLACK ACID, She is working with sonic dirt, sampled poems, and dark industrial techno as an exploration of the inner ecology, the relationships within oneself, the relationships within us and environments, which grow into personal mythology we create.

Golosa: Hi Nina, how can you describe your sounds?
Nina Pixel: My sounds are based on work with emotions and feelings – I like to work with recordings and energy of particular spaces or objects. Although playing in clubs I love to play hard and dark techno 🙂

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This mix is a recording of the set from Prague´s event with my beloved friends from PROCESS. This time it was with Eric from OAKE project. Eric is a dark magician, his energy is so sharp – I remember his soundcheck – he screamed so strong into the mic that all our hearts jumped out of their position. We were hiding in the backstage before his act 🙂

In a similar direction goes also this recording – it is a collection of tracks and samples from occult sessions with people possessed by spirits.
I worked with this topic when preparing podcast for Ruhecast collective which I named “Voices From Possessed Children”.

Working with sound means for me to work with energy which interacts with the listener or raver – helping them to go through emotional climaxes, traumas, ceremonies – providing a space and conditions for all kinds of personal rituals of my beloved dancing witches and creatures. So they can let go or summon whatever they wish for.

Some sound samples I used:

Ethnological Material / Healing Rituals
Bernhard Hagen | Walze 16: Lagu Sale, Gesang Des Zauberarztes Bei Einer Nächtlichen Krankenkur, 1905
Theodor Koch-Grünberg | Walze Yekuana-Majjongong, 1912
Rahmi Oruc Güvenc Und Seine Gruppe | “Tümata”: Zikir Aus Der Rufai-Tradition, 1980
Recordings of unseen Intelligence/ Trance and Direct Voice Recordings
Field Recordings | forest, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | cut trees, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | forestal mud and soil, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | iceskating on the frozen lake, Sweden
Field Recordings | cablecar, Etna Volcano, Sicily
Field Recordings | machine room, Etna Volcano, Sicily

What is your freakiest experiences?

Living on this planet.

Meet Nina Pixel at Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
Saturday October 12th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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