A bite of Marum: from the insane Queer Lisbon party Mina to Golosa

Marum-Dj guest

The 18th of May will be his premiere at Golosa, we talked with Marum about his music and his freaky experiences 💎💦

Risen to prominence from Lisbon’s underground scene as a resident of mina‘s infamous raves, Marum has crafted a unique and hybrid artistic practice: relentless rave DJ and community utopian-researcher.

One of the instigators of the queer rave mina (Lisbon), co-founder of the label and artist agency suspension (Lisbon/Berlin), and member of the community radio Quântica (Lisbon), Marum holds a refined and thoughtful sonic and political signature that moves entire communities and dance floors.

Their sets are unashamed worship sessions of hypnotic, acidic techno, cavernous industrial beats with elements of EBM, trance and aerial drones, taking influence from film scores, minimalist composers and musique concrète. Oscillating between meditative soundscapes and fast-paced high-energy music, the dance floor is taken to a contagious physical and mental catharsis, manipulating the realms between anxiety, peace, and ecstasy.

In a constant exchange with new scenes, Marum has played in parties, clubs and festivals across Europe. Recent highlights include sharing bills with SPFDJ and VTSS at Berghain’s Säule (Berlin), headlining at the castle of Forte Festival along with Alva Noto and Surgeon, an extended closing at Room 4 Resistance, playing Red Light Radio and De School (Amsterdam), regular visits to Lux (Lisbon).

At the end of 2018 Marum played at the mina curated Lisbon Boiler Room, part of Hard Dance: a series of shows revolving around the most vital contemporary crews pushing boundaries in the rave scene.

2019 will bring Marum’s first Asian tour, a b2b with Violet at Impulso Festival, an artist residency at Q21 in Vienna curated by Bogomir Doringer, and the participation at WHOLE Festival (Germany).

Parallel to DJing, Marum is also a visual and performance artist, curator, and writer, working with the experimental platform XenoEntities Network and Rabbit Hole, focusing on gender, queer and feminist theory, technology and digital culture, electronic music and club politics.

Golosa: Hi Marum, how can you describe your sounds?
Marum: At the moment I’ve been playing both faster and slower: navigating through ambient and downtempo dreamscapes and speeding up on the techno and acid with dashes of EBM and trance (reviving some old tastes).

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
This set reflects exactly that rave-forward beats I’ve been playing while evoking slower and trippy harmonies of some composers I love.

What is your freakiest experiences?
From playing on the top of a hill in castle-festival to holding the hand of a frontliner while he got ass-fucked, it’s difficult to pick one out of so many.

Meet Marum at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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