The alien from Lima 👾

mars antrax DJ

Land to the next Golosa on saturday 14th of December, an alien is coming among us to live freaky experiences. Join Mars and  our sneaky dancefloor. 🛸

Dissatisfied with standards that work in regulating human behavior, Mars Antrax seeks -through non human identities and the influence of a futuristic and science fiction theme as offered by techno-, to break the pillars of the system and provide way to recent generations of beings that contract new sensations and perceptions, and that require an auspicious atmosphere that allows their disoriented unfolding, freedom of self design, expression and evolution.

Golosa: Hi Mars, how can you describe your sounds?

Mars Antrax: The sound that I explore and radiate during my sessions embrace error and stand by processes as the main substance for generating transmissions complexity that tent to travel from rough and atmospheric, to the straight essence of distortion and chaos, passing through imperfections and lo fi textures, dirty and dusty sound, hypnotic waves and futuristic envelopes.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This is a podcast recorded with a lot of fury, love and dedication for Radio RAM  Rave Against the Machines, rave & queer culture collective based in Osaka, Japan & inclusive acceptance worldwide. X.I.R.A. -who runs Radio RAM and who I thank for the invitation to be part of- and me defined together that this transmission should be called PAGAN CELEBRATION MIX paying tribute to any not Catholic celebration of recent past dates. Hoping Catholicism soon falls apart. Sound may provide the way. Enjoy <3

What is your freakiest experiences?

Realizing every day how alien we are on Earth.


Meet Mars Antrax at Golosa
Saturday December 14th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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