Kirill Shapovalov and the queens

We love Kirill, a good reason to invite playing at Golosa this Saturday on the Tonic floor from midnight to 02 am. поцелуи

Golosa: Hi  Kirill, did the pandemic change your relationship to music?

Kirill Shapovalov: To be honest, time flies by, so my taste changed a bit to faster and a bit harder groovy music. I think that’s good not to stay in one place and move on.

What do you wish for your future dancing/clubbing experiences?

I wanna return to the new brand club in Kiev, called Kirilovskaya 41 to play there in the Backyard area. This is a blast!!

What track do you love right now?

Grace – Not Over Yet. very emotional and sexy track

Do you have Golosa in you? 

The biggest inspiration for me is the sexual and freedom energy of people I feel in front of me during my DJ-sets.

Saturday 14 of August 2021
Suicide Club Garden from 8pm to 8am

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