Golosa taste #4 Bouncy trance and hard beats 🌵

For the release of our podcast Golosa taste #4, we had a kiki with KH38 and our guest Trancemaster Krause …

Golosa: Hi Trancemaster Krause, hi KH38, you release a B2B DJ set for our Golosa podcast series ( Golosa taste #4)? Is it your first B2B? How did you meet each other?

Trancemaster Krause & KH38: Yes, it is. We actually got to meet each other in the beginning through a podcast request on SpeedMaster Records. How it is nowadays we were connected on Instagram and on someday we randomly started talking to each other and recognized we have a really similar vibe, so we meet up started playing and this was the result. We had a lot of fun and hopefully, there will come a second one.

We already know our resident KH38 but could you introduce yourself, Trancemaster Krause?

Trancemaster Krause: I’m 23 years old DJ from Halle(Saale) in East Germany. As you will hear in our podcast my heart is beating for hard, fastpaced, and bouncy trance music. When I started DJing around 2 years ago my main goal was to make people smile and feel free.

How are the techno scene and queer techno scene in your town?

Unfortunately, the techno and queer party scene are really small in my hometown Halle. Basically, there is no Techno scene in Halle.
Hopefully, there will be future projects to built and support the scene there. But who knows what’s coming in the future.

Who is your Trance master?

Trancemaster Krause: Tranceman2000 aka Falling Apart

KH38: Myself 😉

Do you plan to play together in the future?

Trancemaster Krause & KH38: We have some Projects planned for 2021. More info will follow for sure.

What do you miss the most from the club scene?

The interaction, the sweat, but mostly we both miss standing behind the decks & make people dance and forgetting time.

Which track you will play in your first Dj set when the clubs are re-opened? 

KH38: Since Tom (Trancemaster Krause) released his Never Bootleg edit, I can’t wait to play it at our Golosa Dancefloor. I heard it and the first thing I was thinking about was Golosa.

Trancemaster Krause: Extreme Trax – Final Fantasy

Do you have a new release or party planned for 2021?

Trancemaster Krause & KH38: We are currently working on a few projects together, which we are really excited about. As we said something is coming in the future so stay tuned!