Electrosexual Pic by Kyri Tarassidis

Ok, could we have good news for this month?! Absolutely! We cannot party together but we can still serve you a taste of Golosa. ELECTROSEXUAL opens the ball of our new podcast series with mastery and gives us an extract of his last set recorded at our October Open Air limited edition. We took this opportunity to have a little kiki with him…

Golosa: Hi ELECTROSEXUAL, you come back one year after your track Darkroom with the single WATCH ME LAKSHMI feat. KARMA SHE with a new sound mixing acid synth with rap vocal. Why did you want to go towards these new sounds?

ELECTROSEXUAL: Vocal Acid is not a genre I often heard of, and I was curious of exploring that path. 

It’s not your first vocal featuring and the rap reminded me of your productions with Scream Club, this time you collaborate with KARMA SHE, why did you want to work with her?

A thing I love about creating music is the possibility to meet and collaborate with exciting and talented artists. While I was working on this new track as well as new demos last December, I asked my friend Dan the Babadouche to put me in contact with KARMA, who, at the time was about to release her first album ´My Naked Devotion’. I was a fan of her performances and videos, 🙂
I knew our synergy would be strong.

The music video clip is amazing, the colors, the symbols, the references… How did the idea for the video come to you?

Very early in the process of the making of this song, we discussed the visual world connected to it, and working on a video project seemed de rigueur.
KARMA quickly proposed a collaboration with Charlotte de Bekker from Future Ancestor, who previously worked with Mikey (Woodbridge) and Hungry, and whom she was already in contact with. Their futuristic and folkloric approach to film making appealed instantly to our hybrid retrofuturistic sound.
Charlotte co-directed it remotely via skype with Karma and edited it during quarantine:
´´a couple of weeks later, I received a hard drive via post in the deep dutch village with a ton of greenscreen footage and created this COLLAGE ZONE DREAM of a video ´´

Do you have a new project coming soon?

KARMA SHE is working on a new EP to be released at the beginning of the year, and she asked me to remix one of the new songs. 
since there won´t be any shows during this second lockdown, I am focusing on composing new material, and recording new sets.

As an artist, how did you live the lockdown and the year 2020?

2020 started pretty uneventfully for such an iconic number and became what we know.
A pretty dramatic year full of struggle I´d say. But, also a good time for introspection and reflection and a wonderful opportunity to build something new and better, finally our queer Utopia seems possible with more unity support and kindness to each other.

Are you Golosa? 
YESSSSSS! sweet, tasty, and gourmand!   All of these!