Mashyno in Golosa Land

One week to go before the first Golosa of 2022, to warm up your body, Mashyno brings you to Golosa Land…

This video podcast is really special to me, I was involved in each step of the process, in charge to design and produce the videos. It’s a part of a Golosa project that we made with 2FARO during the pandemic. We wanted to extend our minds and those of our Golosians. We also invited Genderlich (Tini Weng and Andre Fau) to record the videos DJ sets, we shot them during winter last year when all clubs were shut down at Medienwerkstatt Berlin im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH. We projected the 4 videos for our Tag der ClubKultur Golosa event at Salon am Moritzplatz the 03.10.21. For technical and copyright reasons we could not release the other videos online, but I was able to re-edit this one. Thank you to everybody who was involved in the project. Hope that you enjoy it and that the music and visuals will bring you out of your reality and travel to the wonderful Golosa Land. 🔥💜 Mashyno

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Saturday April 9th at Suicide Club Berlin

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