Genderlich: unity combined with gender free timeless reality 🍬

Saturday 8th of February, Golosa celebrates 1 year anniversary and invites their friends Genderlich to share the cake 🍰 We had a chat with  Andre Fau and Niall Valentine founders of the collective. They told us a bit more about what they are cooking for Golosa x Genderlich 🥄

Golosa: Hi Andre, Hi Niall, Where did the idea to make this party come from?

Genderlich: It came through many party fuelled discussions around how we love to dance, express, move, and influence the mood of people. The idea was to not make the event just specifically ‘Gay’ but a more open and friendly attitude to our queer family and those outside that identification. Genderlich follows the fluidity that reflects and catalyses a focus on the place of gender fluidity in Berlin’s landscape. We were born with an idea of love and acceptance to bring to the full spectrum of our community to experience unity together.

What is the concept of Genderlich?

We craved an environment that offered us high paced music in small sweaty rooms with all our friends together shedding the conformity of gender and using your inner being to express yourself through movement and dance.
The dance-floor is a vibrational energy center. Love is the energy and music is the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, soul and bodies in high frequency. Harmony, love and unity combined with gender free timeless reality.

Could you introduce the residents who will play at Golosa x Genderlich?

You can find Dj City cruising the Griessmuehle at the infamous Cocktail D’Amore pumping out hard hitting beats for sweaty bodies pulsating in the wintergarten or at at Genderlich switching to vibes vibrating the crowd with perfect mood tracks. Read more.

Andre Fau was found melting between our reality and another parallel dimension, his sets vary from some deep to bouncy happy moods catching you in a different variations of frequencies and beats while you melt too. You can find Andre playing at TrashEra making filling vibrational energy in any room he plays.

Tini Weng‘s personal style is POWER HOUSE to get you in the mood for some real hard hitting love – she varys from house to techno blurring the lines while your vision blurs on the dance floor and her beats fill your body.

Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa: Hi Andre, How can you describe your sound? 

Andre Fau: I would say my music is always in transition, but rarely I can put my sounds in a box. I play fast techno, acid raver, and mostly 90s underground, uplifting tracks for make you bouncing while you are smiling.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

It’s my edit for the set  I played at my other collective Trashera, that you can feel exactly where is the direction of my music is going. In TrashEra, I like to play more hard dark and hypnotic techno and in Genderlich more Raver 90s and fast happy techno. You can find in this mix where I am going between both.

What is your freakiest experiences?

Berlin is the proper place for freak experiences, that’s why we are all here, but let’s question ourselves what is a freak experience? I think my life itself is out of common social structure norms of a mainstream society, that is itself a life full filled with freak experiences.

Golosa: Hi Tini, how can you describe your sound? 

Tini Weng: Steamy and sweaty vibes .

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

Ranging from chicago  house to straightup techno. I am huge fan playing variables sound from house to techno – power house style and I want to deliver the needed energy my sets.

What is your freakiest experiences?

it is a heavy question for me tbh! I can tell a funny freaky story with happy end. NYE 19/20 super early in the morning I just arrived at Wilde Renate for Trashera NYE Party at the toilet Floor. My Dear André Fau wanted to start his Set. Suddenly something wrong, one of the CD Player did not work. I could see slowly but soarig panic in his eyes. A lot of people came to help – thanks to them btw again- but nothing worked. We were running to the tech engineers, but they had also no solution for the problem, because the motherfucker CDJ was broken and it was not possible to link. He was almost about to cancel the gig until he had a super good idea, André asked me if i have my Stick with me. What a lucky coincidence, i had everything with me, so we could play b2b very spontaneous together and his Gig was saved.