Sexy & DJ City 💦

Saturday 8th of February, Golosa x Genderlich welcome the sexy man on the picture: Dj City. His sexy sounds already famous on Cocktail d’Amore music and Genderlich (where he is also resident) will drive you crazy. 🤪

A fairly fresh face to the European dance music scene, involved with renowned musical outlets like Cocktail d’Amore and Born Free, DJ City has been turning heads with his playful and energetic style over the past few years. Originally schooled in the underground scene of booze heavy raves in Stockholm, the dramaturgy of his sets tend to look like a saw, with many tops and just as many bottoms.  👅

Golosa: Hi DJ City, how can you describe your sounds?

DJ City: Playful, sexy and sorta dumb. Sometimes heavier on acid, and sometimes more percussive but always with a focus on a groove that isn’t too serious.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?

This mix was made for the Honey Soundsystems podcast series and gives a pretty good image of what I like to play. In it are a mix of fresh releases and finds from late 80’s and 90’s. I like to mix old and new, it creates some sort of balance I guess.

What is your freakiest experiences?

I once met an orangutan when I was on a hike. We shared a mango. Only afterwards did I understand how surreal the experience was. It feels a bit like I dreamt it, but there’s a film on my old phone to prove it!

Meet DJ City at Golosa x Genderlich
Saturday February 8th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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