Grab your pop corn and take a seat at Golosa Pride 📽️🍿😋

Stadt der verlorenen Seelen – Rosa von Praunheim 

They love to create freaky experiences. They turn their voices into visions that are seen on the big screen. Their films are shown on festivals all around the globe and Golosa is very proud to say that they are part of our community.

In the recreation of a Queer Village the Main Floor will again transform into a cinema. From 10 pm to midnight we will screen selected short movies of Berlin-based filmmakers that Golosa already knows very well and whom’s works need to be introduced to you asap.

The films by Them presents prove that emotions are duplicated when they are shared with others. They enrich our queer multiplex with giving a voice to „Dorothy”, a beautiful person that is warm, human and real as you are.

Dorothy – THEM presents 

Different vibes and beats can coexist – as it proves in the music videos by animation artist fashion pdg where we become the hero in an 80s style arcade that loves to have freaky experiences.

The cinematic eyes of Manuel Abramovich create safe places without judgement. His latest film just won the silver bear at this years Berlinale. In his early work “La Reina” we witness the struggle of what it means to be a queen – a feeling probably not unfamiliar to a lot of Golosians.

La Reina – Manuel Abramovich 

The kitsch and quirky world of the fashion films by Clémentine Decremps for the french designer Christelle Noel brought the attention of Golosa because as all of us, they are crazy, extravagant and different. Furthermore she shot the trailers for Golosa – Pride edition. You go, girl! 

To say that Rosa von Praunheim is a queer icon, pioneer and goddess would be an understatement. And because he doesn’t need an introduction Golosa recommends:

We are very honored to again show some selected scenes that Rosa provided from his oeuvre, which not only sums up every point of the Golosa Manifesto perfectly but is also an hommage to a 50 years and counting-riot with love in beautiful Berlin. 

And because Golosa has an on-going appetite for everything new, some fresh work from the filmmakers that were featured last year will also be served: „Romance“ from Nicky Miller will only have its premiere the day before and Miroimages is providing an exclusive preview of his new work.

So before the dance floor wants you to shake your body, be ready to be inspired some cinematic freaky experiences and let Golosa find itself in you!

Romance – Nicky Miller

14 oder 18 – fashion PDG

CSD Screening at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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