Cherry on the cake: CherrYO!-kie is in da House! 🎤🍒

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Golosa Pride edition starts earlier at 21:00 and we will recreate a Queer Village in it heart with different stages mixing culture and guilty pleasure 😋 Be ready to show your voice and take the mic, CherrYO!-kie is in da House!

CherrYO-kie is Karaoke like you have never experienced before. It’s an all singing all dancing Karaoke Dance Party in which you are submerged into the song with your very own backup dancers. All of which is controlled by the Karaoke VJ who drives the party just as a DJ would a dance set. After 8 years of karaoke field work Sampson has honed the CherrYO-kie experience into a totally new audience interactive dance party that simply rocks. CherrYO-kie happens as a regular Party in Berlin and has played countless international festivals. 

CherrYO-kie and Sampson give more than a karaoke. It’s a anthems of pride and flamboyance. Be sure to be the Queen of the night singing the ultimate queer pop song of the last 50 years.

CherrYO!-kie at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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