Berlin’s hottest time machine 🧨

Our partner collective for this Saturday is first finger burnin’ and then finger lickin’ good: BRENN. Are you freaky enough to explore a new identity of yours? Thanks to their experienced DJs, you will party like it’s 1999. Don’t even bother acting cool, fool.

Golosa: Nick, Lu, you are the curators behind BRENN. You celebrated the second anniversary recently. How become the idea to make this party?

BRENN.: It’s crazy how time flies. Like a lot of Berlin stories we met out partying on a sunday. We started talking and instantly vibed, talking favourite parties, music, fashion, the crazy stories of this city. Few weeks after we got offered to do a booking at Loftus and create whatever with that space. Even though we didn’t know each other for long we immediately thought we wanted to create this together. Here we are two years later.

Could you introduce the concept?

We toyed around with names determined to create a fun space, that reflects what we’ve been experiencing in Berlin. What came to mind was energy and meeting like minded people. “BRENN.” [Brennpunkt] in German means a point in urban spaces, where all sorts of dodgy, crazy people meet a place like Kotti. But Brennpunkt also means the burning point in thermodynamics: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But it sure can change state.”. Exactly what dancers in Berlin are about. They make the space. The energy on the dancefloor shifts constantly, but also never disappears.

What do you like from 90s?

The nineties were an era we’re so many musical influences and subcultures mixed: disco, soul, rock, house, grunge, hip hop. It was the birthing hour of techno in the world and Berlin particularly. When the wall came down here, people from east and west unified on the dancefloor raving in squatted houses with no more than an amazing sound system and some flashing lights. It didn’t matter who you are, where you’re from but only that you enjoyed the rave. We both love Acid, Detroit house and queer fierce vocals.

Could you introduce the residents who will play at Golosa x BRENN?

Ever since our start in 2017 we have had the amazingly talented Sherø by our side as a resident. She was the first female underground DJ in Belgium and has been a regular in the European underground club scene since. She serves us some real underground gems from the past mixed with fine tracks from the present. Sherø is a queer, strong, talented dj and we are super proud to have her as part of the BRENN. family. Don’t miss this powerhouse.

Adam Rec. is berlin-bred friend and artist whose has been crucial part of the BRENN. family from day one. He’s known for his fun strictly vinyl sets filled with sexy 70s, 80s disco tracks. Adam Rec. behind the decks is a guarantee for an intense fun and light session between the ravers and the dj. Bring your dancing shoes! 

Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
Saturday October 12th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa: How can you describe your sound? 

Sherø: I have been a steady fixture in the club scene for more than 25 years. My style as a dj,  often is described as deep, sensual, sexy and energetic, combines the best of both worlds. A mix of old skool underground house classics and b sides topped with some contemporary new gems.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

For this set, I wanted to introduce a bit of my Belgian electronic music roots by mixing some old new beat records I grew up with as a young teenager and some more ravy sounds that are a bit more known by the techno audience, but as I like to build a story I softened the atmosphere a bit by bringing in some deeper US 90´s house classics and added a couple of more contemporary sounds to the set to keep things in balance and interesting.

Golosa: How can you describe your sound? 

Adam Rec.: My style depends on many factors and is constantly changing. My taste in music has been evolving throughout my life, and has included a variety of musical phases, ranging from soul, disco from the 70s and 80s, electronic music of the 90s to house and deep house music. From this musical fund, I put together my sets, which are always individually designed depending on the audience, mood and location. The most important thing for me: it has to be danceable.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

I have yet to record my gigs. But I have made a small sample recording a while back, which gives you a little glimpse of what awaits you at Golosa.

adam rec.