Resident: Mashyno

Mashyno Resident pic 2

Mashyno landed in Berlin in 2011 where he immersed himself into the electronic music scene. In 2013 with 2FARO, they created Crush and one year later the glorious party G Day where they are still residents DJ. In 2019, G day become Golosa and has their events at Suicide Circus.

Mashyno played Berlin venues such as Wilde Renate, Griessmuehle, About blank, KitKatClub, Suicide Circus, Schwuz as well as on some famous underground parties in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Romania and Sweden.

His mixes from House to Techno and a lot of genre fluidity as Nu Disco, Deep house and Acid House bring the audience to a cosmic trip and share that special vibration Humans call LOVE.

Golosa: You present in this mix your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?

Mashyno: You can hear several times in the mix the words House, Acid, Ecstasy, it’s a good summary of it. I tried to put some emergency and sexy darkness too.

Are you Golosa?

For sure, I’m curious of everything, I love to take and to give pleasure and I’m hungry for life!

What is your last freaky experiences?

 I will keep secret my latest one. But my trip to Whole festival was seriously freaky! A mix of digital colors, shapes, but also very human… And it was not a dream!