Berlin’s hottest time machine 🧨

Our partner collective for this Saturday is first finger burnin’ and then finger lickin’ good: BRENN. Are you freaky enough to explore a new identity of yours? Thanks to their experienced DJs, you will party like it’s 1999. Don’t even bother acting cool, fool.

Golosa: Nick, Lu, you are the curators behind BRENN. You celebrated the second anniversary recently. How become the idea to make this party?

BRENN.: It’s crazy how time flies. Like a lot of Berlin stories we met out partying on a sunday. We started talking and instantly vibed, talking favourite parties, music, fashion, the crazy stories of this city. Few weeks after we got offered to do a booking at Loftus and create whatever with that space. Even though we didn’t know each other for long we immediately thought we wanted to create this together. Here we are two years later.

Could you introduce the concept?

We toyed around with names determined to create a fun space, that reflects what we’ve been experiencing in Berlin. What came to mind was energy and meeting like minded people. “BRENN.” [Brennpunkt] in German means a point in urban spaces, where all sorts of dodgy, crazy people meet a place like Kotti. But Brennpunkt also means the burning point in thermodynamics: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But it sure can change state.”. Exactly what dancers in Berlin are about. They make the space. The energy on the dancefloor shifts constantly, but also never disappears.

What do you like from 90s?

The nineties were an era we’re so many musical influences and subcultures mixed: disco, soul, rock, house, grunge, hip hop. It was the birthing hour of techno in the world and Berlin particularly. When the wall came down here, people from east and west unified on the dancefloor raving in squatted houses with no more than an amazing sound system and some flashing lights. It didn’t matter who you are, where you’re from but only that you enjoyed the rave. We both love Acid, Detroit house and queer fierce vocals.

Could you introduce the residents who will play at Golosa x BRENN?

Ever since our start in 2017 we have had the amazingly talented Sherø by our side as a resident. She was the first female underground DJ in Belgium and has been a regular in the European underground club scene since. She serves us some real underground gems from the past mixed with fine tracks from the present. Sherø is a queer, strong, talented dj and we are super proud to have her as part of the BRENN. family. Don’t miss this powerhouse.

Adam Rec. is berlin-bred friend and artist whose has been crucial part of the BRENN. family from day one. He’s known for his fun strictly vinyl sets filled with sexy 70s, 80s disco tracks. Adam Rec. behind the decks is a guarantee for an intense fun and light session between the ravers and the dj. Bring your dancing shoes! 

Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
Saturday October 12th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa: How can you describe your sound? 

Sherø: I have been a steady fixture in the club scene for more than 25 years. My style as a dj,  often is described as deep, sensual, sexy and energetic, combines the best of both worlds. A mix of old skool underground house classics and b sides topped with some contemporary new gems.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

For this set, I wanted to introduce a bit of my Belgian electronic music roots by mixing some old new beat records I grew up with as a young teenager and some more ravy sounds that are a bit more known by the techno audience, but as I like to build a story I softened the atmosphere a bit by bringing in some deeper US 90´s house classics and added a couple of more contemporary sounds to the set to keep things in balance and interesting.

Golosa: How can you describe your sound? 

Adam Rec.: My style depends on many factors and is constantly changing. My taste in music has been evolving throughout my life, and has included a variety of musical phases, ranging from soul, disco from the 70s and 80s, electronic music of the 90s to house and deep house music. From this musical fund, I put together my sets, which are always individually designed depending on the audience, mood and location. The most important thing for me: it has to be danceable.

Could you talk about the mix that you share with us today?

I have yet to record my gigs. But I have made a small sample recording a while back, which gives you a little glimpse of what awaits you at Golosa.

adam rec.

The dark witch is coming ✨

Nina Pixel

On Saturday, 12th October, Golosa will host a flaming party in Suicide Club (with BRENN. on the House floor and So Extra Berlin for a Vogue Ball as opening). Nina Pixel will play the Inferno Floor and we met up with her for an interview. Read how she uses her dark magic for creating compelling sets. Join Nina and us on the dancefloor. 🔥

Nina Pixel is a sound artist oriented on conceptual work with sounds and storytelling. She also likes to play wild techno and smelly deep bass tracks mixed with old rave acids and sweaty harsh noise.

“My music often contains field recordings and sound experiments with organic objects. My inspiration comes from deep forests of Slovakia, dark fairy tales and myths. My stories smell like a forestal soil, soaked with rotten bodies of magical plants and wild animals.”

In the project called BLACK ACID, She is working with sonic dirt, sampled poems, and dark industrial techno as an exploration of the inner ecology, the relationships within oneself, the relationships within us and environments, which grow into personal mythology we create.

Golosa: Hi Nina, how can you describe your sounds?
Nina Pixel: My sounds are based on work with emotions and feelings – I like to work with recordings and energy of particular spaces or objects. Although playing in clubs I love to play hard and dark techno 🙂

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
This mix is a recording of the set from Prague´s event with my beloved friends from PROCESS. This time it was with Eric from OAKE project. Eric is a dark magician, his energy is so sharp – I remember his soundcheck – he screamed so strong into the mic that all our hearts jumped out of their position. We were hiding in the backstage before his act 🙂

In a similar direction goes also this recording – it is a collection of tracks and samples from occult sessions with people possessed by spirits.
I worked with this topic when preparing podcast for Ruhecast collective which I named “Voices From Possessed Children”.

Working with sound means for me to work with energy which interacts with the listener or raver – helping them to go through emotional climaxes, traumas, ceremonies – providing a space and conditions for all kinds of personal rituals of my beloved dancing witches and creatures. So they can let go or summon whatever they wish for.

Some sound samples I used:

Ethnological Material / Healing Rituals
Bernhard Hagen | Walze 16: Lagu Sale, Gesang Des Zauberarztes Bei Einer Nächtlichen Krankenkur, 1905
Theodor Koch-Grünberg | Walze Yekuana-Majjongong, 1912
Rahmi Oruc Güvenc Und Seine Gruppe | “Tümata”: Zikir Aus Der Rufai-Tradition, 1980
Recordings of unseen Intelligence/ Trance and Direct Voice Recordings
Field Recordings | forest, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | cut trees, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | forestal mud and soil, Maple Mountains, Slovakia
Field Recordings | iceskating on the frozen lake, Sweden
Field Recordings | cablecar, Etna Volcano, Sicily
Field Recordings | machine room, Etna Volcano, Sicily

What is your freakiest experiences?
Living on this planet.

Meet Nina Pixel at Golosa x BRENN. w/ Vogue Ball
Saturday October 12th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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"We need the eyes of the world to watch us."

On Saturday, 14th of September, Golosa and GEGEN will have a truck at the parade of the Szczecin Pride. We met with Monika Pacyfka Tichy to learn why our support is so important. Join us next saturday in Poland, just two hours by train or car from Berlin, and let’s march together ✊

Golosa: Hi Monika, please briefly describe you and your political journey so far.
Monika Pacyfka Tichy: I am an activist, a feminist and I am always on a riot. I love motorcycles and travelling. I used to be a manager of young racing talents and that was my activism until the new far-right PiS Partei came to power. I had to abandon motorcycles and start to fight for human rights, women rights and democracy in Poland.

You work for Lambda Szczecin, could you tell us more about this organization ?
In our city there was no active LGBTQI+ group so I decided to create one along with some other people who had the same idea. We reactivated Lambda Szczecin, and in 2018 we organized the first Pride here. Lambda also provides help for LGBTQI+ people and their relatives on psychological and legal fields. We also organize support groups and educational events.

What is the situation of LGBTQI+ in Poland?
LGBTQI+ people have no basic rights in Poland: no registered partnership, an extremely difficult, humiliating legal transition, no hate crime nor hate speech protection. The current government has been discriminating LGBTQI+ people since they came into power but especially now, in the election year, the LGBTQI+ community is getting intensively attacked by politicians of the ruling party and their political friends: the Catholic Church. Local authorities are creating so called „LGBT free zones”. This caused a rapid rise of homophobic attacks. Some of the prides, especially in the south-eastern part of the country, saw its participants getting brutally attacked by Neo-Nazi hooligans. Last year in Szczecin we were attacked too.

Why is it important to join the Szczecin Pride ?
We need the eyes of the world to watch us. What is happening here must be seen worldwide. Poland is member of EU and it is a responsibility. Every person marching with us brings more energy to our Pride. We need you guys!

Join Berlin Queers supporting Szczecin Pride:

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Oliver Deutschmann Verboten!

Inspired by the London party Klub Verboten, today Oliver Deutschmann releases the track Verboten on the EP Special Interests on Made of Concrete label, which also includes two more tracks dedicated to some well know techno parties from the Berlin scene. 🍆
We love it just like his delicious set at Golosa Pride edition.
He nicely replied to our Golosaaa interview 😋

Golosa: Hi Oliver, how can you describe your sounds?
Oliver Deutschmann: Techno.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
Did this one for my friends from Sound Department Club in South Italy. It’s just the sound I’d play also in a club.

What is your freakiest experiences?
I once was on a backpacker trip through Costa Rica. One day I was looking for a waterfall in the jungle. I heard some noise coming from a big animal out of the woods. Was pretty scared. Turned out to be a white horse. No one believed me. But it’s a true story.

Find the new Oliver Deutschmann
EP “Special Interests”  
on Made of Concrete Label:


Kingsizebed and Golosa vitamins 🍊🍋

dj kingsizebed

Delight! Kingsizebed plays this saturday at Golosa Pride edition. He will bring his vitamins and energy to the open air House floor. 😋

“A journey going through house, electro and techno. Telling our Story to bring energy on the dance floor, like the vitamin do.” Organizer of Vitamina party in Milan, Kingsizebed describes his music and him like that. He recently played in Istanbul, Berlin, Bratislava, London and in the Israeli Burningman (Midburn Festival). We asked him a few questions to wait until Saturday…

Golosa: Hi Kingsizebed, how can you describe your sounds?
Kingsizebed: To Mix house, techno and electro is what I like to play in my dj set. I try to create a story changing atmospheres along the set, keeping always the vibe pumping to get people dance.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
I share my latest set recorded at Radio Raheem in Milan just before Vitamina we had last Sunday hosting Jackie House from Honey Soundsystem.

What is your freakiest experiences?
Quitting my permanent job in the office to dedicate myself completely to the music. Also play at the burning man festival in Israel (Midburn) and Whole festival which were special experiences to me, that I will never forget.

Meet Kingsizebed at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Grab your pop corn and take a seat at Golosa Pride 📽️🍿😋

Stadt der verlorenen Seelen – Rosa von Praunheim 

They love to create freaky experiences. They turn their voices into visions that are seen on the big screen. Their films are shown on festivals all around the globe and Golosa is very proud to say that they are part of our community.

In the recreation of a Queer Village the Main Floor will again transform into a cinema. From 10 pm to midnight we will screen selected short movies of Berlin-based filmmakers that Golosa already knows very well and whom’s works need to be introduced to you asap.

The films by Them presents prove that emotions are duplicated when they are shared with others. They enrich our queer multiplex with giving a voice to „Dorothy”, a beautiful person that is warm, human and real as you are.

Dorothy – THEM presents 

Different vibes and beats can coexist – as it proves in the music videos by animation artist fashion pdg where we become the hero in an 80s style arcade that loves to have freaky experiences.

The cinematic eyes of Manuel Abramovich create safe places without judgement. His latest film just won the silver bear at this years Berlinale. In his early work “La Reina” we witness the struggle of what it means to be a queen – a feeling probably not unfamiliar to a lot of Golosians.

La Reina – Manuel Abramovich 

The kitsch and quirky world of the fashion films by Clémentine Decremps for the french designer Christelle Noel brought the attention of Golosa because as all of us, they are crazy, extravagant and different. Furthermore she shot the trailers for Golosa – Pride edition. You go, girl! 

To say that Rosa von Praunheim is a queer icon, pioneer and goddess would be an understatement. And because he doesn’t need an introduction Golosa recommends:

We are very honored to again show some selected scenes that Rosa provided from his oeuvre, which not only sums up every point of the Golosa Manifesto perfectly but is also an hommage to a 50 years and counting-riot with love in beautiful Berlin. 

And because Golosa has an on-going appetite for everything new, some fresh work from the filmmakers that were featured last year will also be served: „Romance“ from Nicky Miller will only have its premiere the day before and Miroimages is providing an exclusive preview of his new work.

So before the dance floor wants you to shake your body, be ready to be inspired some cinematic freaky experiences and let Golosa find itself in you!

Romance – Nicky Miller

14 oder 18 – fashion PDG

CSD Screening at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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"Queeramnesty is very strong in organizing urgent actions and helping LGBTIQ refugees from different parts of the world"

queeramnesty BBQ 2018 with Gene

Last year, the charity BBQ was extremely successful, we hope that you will be so generous this year. From 9pm, a charity BBQ for Queeramnesty will be done at  Golosa Pride edition. We meet Gene Bogolepov, member of Queeramnesty Berlin to know more about them.  Kind and delicious 😋

Golosa: Hi Gene, you are member of Queeramnesty Berlin, could you tell us what does the organization?

Gene: Queeramnesty group – is a special group of Amnesty International Germany. This group is taking care of LGBTIQ people. It was founded in Berlin i think 22 years ago and since then it is actively supporting LGBTIQ activists from different countries and helping them to be more efficient with their work. Also this group is very strong in organizing urgent actions and helping LGBTIQ refugees from different parts of the world.

Golosa: How did you hear about them?
Gene: I personally started contributing some work to this group in February 2018 and actually i found this group because i was trying ti help one refugee from Chechen Republic. It was quite a serious question and at that moment I was trying to get help from different NGOs and writing a lot of e-mails to them. So it happened, that Queeramnesty replied the first, they were actually the quickest to reply, which made me feel really good about them. Then i started working with them, because i felt that i like efficiency of the group, i like what they do, i like the attitude. Also, i’ve always believed what Amnesty International does, so i was thinking it would be really good to become a member of this group and i have never never doubt it, that i did the right things since i started working with Queer Amnesty team.

QueerAmnesty team with Golosa and SC delegates

Golosa: What do you do in it?

Gene: Personally in Queeramnesty I’m helping to organize different events, also on behalf of the group i’m active as a speaker for LGBTIQ rights in Russian Federation. I’m helping to research the situation with LGBTIQ rights  in Chechen Republic as well – this is kind of mine specialization. I guess i managed to gather enough information to say that…ok, i wouldn’t call it loudly «an expert», but i’m  sort of well aware of what is going on in Chechen Republic and i managed to provide this information to those, who are interested and who are somehow connected with this situation and who work on this.
Last year Golosa have already organized the charity barbecue for Queeramnesty and we find it extremely nice that the promoters of the party think about important things and integrate them into their party flow.

Participate to the charity BBQ
for Queeramnesty Berlin at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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More about Queeramnesty Berlin:


queeramnesty BBQ 2018

black and white pics by Sacha Perova

Cherry on the cake: CherrYO!-kie is in da House! 🎤🍒

CherrYO!-kie pic title

Photo Credit: Rafael Medina – –

Golosa Pride edition starts earlier at 21:00 and we will recreate a Queer Village in it heart with different stages mixing culture and guilty pleasure 😋 Be ready to show your voice and take the mic, CherrYO!-kie is in da House!

CherrYO-kie is Karaoke like you have never experienced before. It’s an all singing all dancing Karaoke Dance Party in which you are submerged into the song with your very own backup dancers. All of which is controlled by the Karaoke VJ who drives the party just as a DJ would a dance set. After 8 years of karaoke field work Sampson has honed the CherrYO-kie experience into a totally new audience interactive dance party that simply rocks. CherrYO-kie happens as a regular Party in Berlin and has played countless international festivals. 

CherrYO-kie and Sampson give more than a karaoke. It’s a anthems of pride and flamboyance. Be sure to be the Queen of the night singing the ultimate queer pop song of the last 50 years.

CherrYO!-kie at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Exclusive Podcast: When LA SCHMOCK cooks only for you 🥄


Golosians, LA SCHMOCK cooks especially for you a delicious mix as appetizer of Golosa Pride edition 😋

LA SCHMOCK grew up in Bremen and Hamburg. After being an 80ies child, he was influenced by the 90s house music and techno scene and so he started to play as a teenager at small parties. In 2000 he came to Berlin and was exited by the music and gay scene. At that time, quite clearly, representative of this scene was the legendary Ostgut. Since the the late 2000s he started to DJ again and founded a music blog for affected by the NuDisco scene in France especially by artists from the Valerie Collective. Since then he attracted attention and played in Berlins venues like Kit Kat Club, SchwuZ, Magnet, Musik & Frieden, Monarch, Polygon/Kosmonaut, Kino International, Barbarella, Klub Kreuzberg, Privat Club, Else, Brunnen70, Bertrams, Brigit & Beer, Loftus Hall, Beate Uwe, Monster Ronsons and more. Since 2018, he’s a resident at UNBEDINGT. In his sets LA SCHMOCK unifies his passion of Nu-Disco and Indie-Dance into the realms of Deep House. Always thrilling the audience with his awareness of uplifting and feel-good tunes, still unsuspected what`s up next!

Golosa: Hi LA SCHMOCK, how can you describe your sounds?
LA SCHMOCK: Influenced by my roots, the sound of 80s, Synthpop, Italo-Disco, Funk, New Jack Swing, 90s House & Techno, I found my direction of dance-music in a cosmic mixture of housy disco-electronic. On the other side I’m a big fan of cheezy synth-wave and Italo Disco. But after the great times of NuDisco I also returned to more house music and techno. It always depends: Which mood I am, what do I like at the moment, what do I find on new music, what kind of party, what kind of people, location, time of the year. It’s unexpected ….

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
It includes several different styles that I like. I recorded it very quickly like cooking with ingredients you just find in your fridge and so it’s a quick menu or more precisely a little journey starting with some disco continuing to more punching housy tunes.

What is your freakiest experiences?
I could tell you so many. Especially recently from the Whole Festival… But I won’t do this in public. 😉

Meet LA SCHMOCK at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Venus Guy Trap pays respects to the queer origins by mixing classics with contemporary gems 💎

Venus Guy Trap Dj guest

pic by Ema Discordant 

She is on our silver platter for CSD 😋 Venus Guy Trap‘s high energy set will make Golosa Pride edition your night to remember.

She has always loved music but she learned to DJ at the suggestion of a partner. Although that relationship didn’t last, she developed a true passion for the craft. Originally from Australia, Venus Guy Trap honed her natural talents all over Sydney for two years before moving to Berlin in 2018. Since then, she has played numerous parties at SchwuZ, Sounds and Schrippe Hawaii. Venus Guy Trap is also on the lineup for Artlake Festival at Bergheider See in August.

Venus Guy Trap is an advocate for diversity in DJ lineups as well as the music she plays. She admires how refreshing House and Disco were and continue to be in the white heteronormative music industry and pays respects to these queer origins by mixing classics with contemporary gems. 

Golosa: Hi Venus Guy Trap, how can you describe your sounds?
Venus Guy Trap: I’m drawn to sassy tracks with a great beat so I play high-energy Disco and House with ghetto, diva, gospel and Chicago elements. I thrive when I play to a room full of people smiling, raising their hands, singing along and working up a sweat.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
Studio 69 is an all-inclusive House and Disco party that celebrates queerness, connections and community. I had already attended Studio 69 a number of times so when I was booked to play I wanted to recreate the warmth and fun-loving energy I felt whilst including some Australian dance classics to really put my signature on it.

What is your freakiest experiences?
Whole Festival was a freaky utopia!

Meet Venus Guy Trap at Golosa
Saturday July 27th at Suicide Club Berlin:

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Golosa in the TreeHouse of Whole Festival 2019

whole festival TreeHouse floor

Take your sun cream and your tickets, the event is coming soon. From Friday 14th to Monday 17th of June at Ferropolis. Already on board since the first edition as G day, Golosa is proud to be one of a lot amazing queer collectives invited from around the world as Buttons Berlin, CockTail d’Amore Berlin, BASSIANI Tbilisi, Lecken Berlin, mina Lisbon, Popoff Kitchen Moscow, Pornceptual Berlin, UNTER New York, Vitamina Milan etc.

As they define by themselves, Whole festival create an inclusive environment that provides space for the acceptance of all gender expressions and sexual orientations, but in a relaxing, outdoor environment outside of the hectic confines of the city. A multi-day camping festival where self-expression and self-liberation are paramount.

Golosa invites the delicious guest Yha Yha, who releases some week ago a brillant mini mix for Honey Soundsystem, and our residents 2FARO and Mashyno. They will take the desk of the TreeHouse floor Saturday evening from 21:00 to 03:00. 🕶️🍦😋

Meet Yha Yha, 2FARO and Mashyno at Whole festival
Saturday June 15th:

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Whole Website

Taste the House set of Heartthrob this Saturday at Golosa

His sexy set will make you freaky at Golosa, Taste the sensational Heartthrob ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Under the guise Heartthrob, Jesse Siminski has been defining a unique corner of underground house and techno for over a decade.

He has released thirteen EPs and twenty remixes on many of the scene’s most respected labels including M_nus, Ghostly, Cocoon, BPitch, Mute, in addition to his own imprint ISNISNT.

Honed over twenty years of record collecting and studio experimentation, Jesse has a knack for capturing peak emotion and energetic grooves with the flair of an experimentalist. The hit track ‘Baby Kate’ and the full-length album ‘Dear Painter Paint Me’ stand out as two out of a number of important releases. He has remixed for the likes of Depeche Mode, The Knife, Plastikman and Fischerspooner. Most recently, Jesse released the EP Nairobi Candles on Seth Troxler’s label Play It Say It, to great acclaim. He has spent the last 12 years DJing and playing hardware-driven live shows in many of the top clubs around the world: a former resident of Paris’ storied Rex Club and a frequent guest at London’s Fabric, Berlin’s Berghain, Tokyo’s Womb and New York’s Output. 

While living in New York, an encounter with Magda would lead to friendships with Troy Pierce, Richie Hawtin, and Kevin McHugh. In 2005, they came together on Hawtin’s label Minus, marking the emergence of minimal techno, first in New York and then around the world. Through his work with the label, Jesse took part in genre-defining projects in collaboration with technology giants Native Instruments, Ableton, and Allen & Heath.

Born in Northern Michigan, Jesse’s father introduced him to dance music and he tuned his ear at a relative’s record shop near Detroit. Prince, Kraftwerk, and Laid Back were early touchstones of a beat that would become so important to his music. Label’s like Relief, Plus 8 and Communique formed the backbone of Jesse’s record collection and informed his sensibilities early on. 

After stints in New York and Paris, Jesse currently calls Berlin home.

Golosa: Hi Heartthrob, how can you describe your sounds?
Heartthrob: My Sound is broad and embraces a variety of moods and feelings,  but can be defined as forward thinking and above all else funky and rooted in sex. 

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
The “Is Burning” mix Is one I recorded last year for my friends in Amsterdam.  It is a collection of tracks from different times and places that all resonate moods I like on the dance floor… Mystery and playfuness come to mind. Together its sexy and interesting. Which is always the point for me when I wanna dance.

What is your freakiest experiences?
My freakiest experience is still on the horizon. Berlin has been the perfect place to be surprised on a regular basis… 

Meet Heartthrob at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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A bite of Marum: from the insane Queer Lisbon party Mina to Golosa

Marum-Dj guest

The 18th of May will be his premiere at Golosa, we talked with Marum about his music and his freaky experiences 💎💦

Risen to prominence from Lisbon’s underground scene as a resident of mina‘s infamous raves, Marum has crafted a unique and hybrid artistic practice: relentless rave DJ and community utopian-researcher.

One of the instigators of the queer rave mina (Lisbon), co-founder of the label and artist agency suspension (Lisbon/Berlin), and member of the community radio Quântica (Lisbon), Marum holds a refined and thoughtful sonic and political signature that moves entire communities and dance floors.

Their sets are unashamed worship sessions of hypnotic, acidic techno, cavernous industrial beats with elements of EBM, trance and aerial drones, taking influence from film scores, minimalist composers and musique concrète. Oscillating between meditative soundscapes and fast-paced high-energy music, the dance floor is taken to a contagious physical and mental catharsis, manipulating the realms between anxiety, peace, and ecstasy.

In a constant exchange with new scenes, Marum has played in parties, clubs and festivals across Europe. Recent highlights include sharing bills with SPFDJ and VTSS at Berghain’s Säule (Berlin), headlining at the castle of Forte Festival along with Alva Noto and Surgeon, an extended closing at Room 4 Resistance, playing Red Light Radio and De School (Amsterdam), regular visits to Lux (Lisbon).

At the end of 2018 Marum played at the mina curated Lisbon Boiler Room, part of Hard Dance: a series of shows revolving around the most vital contemporary crews pushing boundaries in the rave scene.

2019 will bring Marum’s first Asian tour, a b2b with Violet at Impulso Festival, an artist residency at Q21 in Vienna curated by Bogomir Doringer, and the participation at WHOLE Festival (Germany).

Parallel to DJing, Marum is also a visual and performance artist, curator, and writer, working with the experimental platform XenoEntities Network and Rabbit Hole, focusing on gender, queer and feminist theory, technology and digital culture, electronic music and club politics.

Golosa: Hi Marum, how can you describe your sounds?
Marum: At the moment I’ve been playing both faster and slower: navigating through ambient and downtempo dreamscapes and speeding up on the techno and acid with dashes of EBM and trance (reviving some old tastes).

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
This set reflects exactly that rave-forward beats I’ve been playing while evoking slower and trippy harmonies of some composers I love.

What is your freakiest experiences?
From playing on the top of a hill in castle-festival to holding the hand of a frontliner while he got ass-fucked, it’s difficult to pick one out of so many.

Meet Marum at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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A slice of Overland: she makes her Berlin's debut at Golosa

Overland Pic

The 18th of May will be her big premiere in Berlin at Golosa. Her new acid EPs Colossal Book Of Mathematics releases on Helpful Music and Forever in Transit releases on Violet’s label Naive are a delicious appetizer to taste her acid style 🍋😋

From her base of operations in Vancouver, Canada, she’s gradually attracting the attention of international labels with original productions rooted in the sonic cultures of places like Detroit, New York, and The United Kingdom. Her DJ sets are mesmerizing, ranging from banging warehouse techno, to fast-cut acid breaks, and bass-driven industrial music.

She was invited on the Swamp81 Rinse FM show with Loefah in August 2017 and Rinse France in April 2018 debuting some of her original tracks. Shortly thereafter her tracks appeared on two notable compilations, Sweat Equity Vol. 3: Extreme Hits, presented by New York label Sweat Equity, and Never A Land Without People, a charity compilation benefiting Palestinian human rights activists.

Her track “Steam Bun Acid” was selected as a feature out of the New York compilation on Resident Advisor.

She was soon contacted by labels based in New York and Lisbon with the prospect of releasing two full-length vinyl EPs, both due for release in the fall. In addition, her remix of Tin Man’s “Drenched Acid” was chosen to be apart of his Acid Friend compilation, which is being released mid September.

She has gradually honed in on her distinct, driving sound that is heavily influenced by the piercing acid techno soundscape of the classic rave era, and shows no sign of slowing down. Overland is a force to be reckoned with!

Golosa: Hi Overland, how can you describe your sounds?
Overland: I play a mixture of acid, techno and breaks.

Could you talk about the mix that you share today with us?
It starts slower (123 BPM) and ends fast (140 BPM). It has a lot of my favourite music right now, lots of cuts from ‘92 as well as newer, harder acid.

What is your freakiest experiences?
Playing for freaks all the time 😋

Meet Overland at Golosa
Saturday May 18th at Suicide Circus Club Berlin:

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