09.10.21 / 23:00 > 09:00 / SUICIDE CLUB

Hi Golosians, we are back this Saturday 9th of October from 23:00 at Suicide club for a tasty night under the big top of the garden (with a heating system), for the last time outside before starting the winter season…

23:00>01:00 ZENO
01:00>03:00 DJ CITY
03:00>05:00 AMPERIA
05:00>07:00 KH38

Respect our manifesto:
Our awareness team (TS Raver) will be here for any help.

Admission with 3G rules: proof of full vaccination (digital certificate), negative test result taken no longer than 24 hours, or proven recovery.
Registration via the Luca app at the door. No mask is required.

In agreement with the club, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards GHB/GBL.
Golosa has the right to refuse anyone’s entry including ticket holders.
A Golosian mediator is at the door to solve any kind of problem.

GOLOSA, For people that love to have freaky experiences 😋

In response to the tragedy that happened in September at Suicide Club and to limit the possibility of a new tragic incident to the maximum, the Club and Golosa decided additional prevention and action:

– We will soon launch a talk night to reduce risks and help against GHL/GBL and other drug addictions.
– Extra workers will be at the entrance of the toilets to secure them.
– We also amplify our work with our professional awareness team. 
– The security will have a zero-tolerance policy towards GHB/GBL, those who do not comply with the rule will be banned and registered in a list. 

Also in response to your feedback, a Golosian mediator will be at the door to solve any kind of problem. 
We want to welcome you the best that we can, take care of you and give our all LGBTQ+ community a safe and welcoming place. And we need your collaboration for this, together we can do this!


03.10.21 / 14:00 > 22:00 / SALON AM MORITZPLATZ

This is not a party, but an ART Event.

Ein Club ist Gemeinschaft ist Vielfalt ist Nähe ist ein Experiment. Ein Club ist Veränderung ist Freiheit ist Widerstand und Kultur. Ein Club ist immer neu und für alle da. Ein Club ist ein Club.
This event is part of TAG DER CLUBKULTUR.
“The way we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell may never be the same again.” But we are going to revive our all senses in a new approach.
>> The immersive art event takes place at SALON AM MORITZPLATZ <<
Each multi-discipline artist is invited to present/curate/interact with the audience to REACTIVE THEIR SENSES:
👁️ 👂 visual and audio/video exhibition
🤏 👃 live performance
👅🍷 talk and exchange on the topics: bridging the pandemic and the future of club culture

14.00 Genderlich x Golosa – Virtual DJ set 

  • “Genderlich Andre Fau DJset” (basement tresor)
  • “Golosa Mashyno DJset” (erdgeschoss)
  • “Golosa 2FARO DJset” (basement tresor)
  • “Genderlich Tini Weng DJset” (erdgeschoss)

16:05 2FARO – Performance (erdgeschoss)

16:25 MashynoPerformance  “Touch me” (basement tresor)

16.45 Talk – Golosa and Genderlich about anxiety, bridging the pandemic, future of club culture, Herr.Ektor bridging the pandemic in the Queer community (erdgeschoss)

17:25 Tsuki Berghain – Dance performance “Ocean within” (erdgeschoss)

17:35 Andre Fau – Short movie “Awaking to free your mind” (2021) (erdgeschoss)

17.40 Herr.Ektor – Short movie “Queer child”(2013) (erdgeschoss)

17.50 Q&A Herr.Ektor (erdgeschoss)

18:00 Nicky miller – Lecture “ Wings Of Nakedness” (erdgeschoss)

18:20 Nicky miller – Short movies “Fisherman” ( 2021) 

and “Lemon Taste” (2018) (erdgeschoss)

18:45 Q&A Nicky Miller (erdgeschoss)

19:00 Yha Yha – ASMR food performance (erdgeschoss)

19:10 Yha Yha – Experimental Dj set (erdgeschoss)

19:55 Talk – Yha Yha and Tini Weng about future of club culture (erdgeschoss)

20:10  Lalo Gomes – Food performance “El Sabor de La Rosa” (erdgeschoss)

20:45 ReveRso – Short movie “The beauty of ReveRso” (erdgeschoss)

20:55 ReveRso – Performance (erdgeschoss)

21:20 Nansea – Live music (synth pop) (erdgeschoss)


+ At the Basement Tresor

From 17:00 to 22:00

In loop successively Videos

  • MiroImages “Flee!”
  • WOCPOC “Get Fat with Yha Yha – video ASMR” 
  • Genderlich “dance warming up (dancing-memories)”
  • ReveRso “adultvideo”

and the support of Farodiso (flower shop), Vinotopia (natural wine shop), PYKE (Freshly Brewed Hard Seltzer).
Thanks Tag der ClubKultur, Club Commission, Berlin Senat, Music board Berlin.

Admission: 5€ – Tickets at the door
Access only with proof of vaccination or recovery (2G)
No mask mandatory

14.08.21 / 20:00 / SUICIDE CLUB GARDEN


Watch the REPLAY here or on HÖR YouTube

Watch the REPLAY here or on our YouTube Golosa Channel

Golosa 08.Feb20

pics Matias Sauter

pics Spyros Rennt

pic Spyros Rennt

pic Spyros Rennt